Adam Savage Examines the Props of Hamilton!

Adam goes back stage on the San Francisco touring production of Hamilton to check out a few of the numerous hand and stage props used for the musical. The show’s prop master gives us an up-close look at some of the iconic objects from the show, from King George’s scepter to Hamilton’s dueling pistols!

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9 thoughts on “Adam Savage Examines the Props of Hamilton!

  1. So, sincere question, why has there been no premium content since November? Why should I pay for a premium membership when I can get all of the content on YouTube and the forums are essentially useless because nothing is being done about the sheer volume of spam mucking them up? I’m honestly not trying to be difficult, but I work in public education and am an independent maker. I don’t have so much money that I can afford to pay for a premium membership with little to no benefit.

  2. It’s entirely possible to cancel a subscription you do not find valuable to you without penning a lengthy cry for attention.

  3. It’s also entirely possible to not be a condescending jerk to someone who is just trying to confirm that there will be, in fact, more premium content in the future, because I love the work that Adam does and that Tested has done in the past before I adjust my budget accordingly. But you do you.

  4. Very nice backstage video. How I’d love to walk up there as well…
    Haven’t seen the show yet, unfortunately, I’m dying to.
    Thanks for the tour, that was really surprising and interesting.

  5.   You are out of line on this one I think. 3 months now without a shred of Premium Content and the only communication I’ve received is SPAM offering beer and sex… and not even from (fill in Hot Tested Staffer here) *joking only trying to lighten the seriousness of the comment.

    Lots of Opportunity for quality Premium side bars are being missed and the forums don’t seem to be in a usable state to raise these concerns.

    Tool Highlights are great, maybe a nod to Premium users could be an exclusive video on tips/tricks of best use scenarios or particular jams that said tool was the perfect fit for… it doesn’t have to be an entirely separate production but a greater insight would be a nice sentiment.

  6.   fair points. And rightfully spoken/written. Hard core TESTED fan and supporter here but feeling a bit neglected with the lack of dedicated content. Sad state of the message and forum boards.

    Basically just saying we MISS YOU GUYS! Hope to see more Premium Content soon!

  7. Thanks. That’s all I was trying to say. I was genuinely not trying to be difficult. I love this community. It just feels a lot less like a community lately.

  8. What what what…did Adam just get taken in by Ipsum Loqum text???? It even says Ipsum??? This is said with respect.

  9. For me it’s basically just like a subscription to help fund something I love. So it’s not about return on investment as such. I strongly believe that without the subscribers even YouTube wouldn’t keep tested afloat. I think everybody should just basically review their budget and look into their hearts to see whether they still want to support it or not. No one is going to judge anyone if they just watch it on YouTube.

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