Adam's One Day Builds: Mythbusters Blueprint Display with Kyle Hill!

Adam welcomes @KyleHillScience to the cave for the very special One Day Build collaboration!

Ask Adam: Myths Adam Wishes Were Taken Further

In this live-stream excerpt, Adam answers MythBusters-related questions from Tested members whthat, TheCreatorMatt and Elizabeth Poucher on missed cosplay and myth opportunities, and which YouTube channels he'd want to collaborate with if the series were produced today.

Grant Imahara's Scratch-Built Hoverboard

For the 2016 Netflix series White Rabbit Project, Grant Imahara was tasked with designing and building the personal hovercraft we've been promised in movies for decades, which OF COURSE he did!

Ask Adam: The Myth That Pushed Adam to His Breaking Point

In this live stream excerpt, Adam answers questions from Tested members James Dutrow, Jordan Clay, Silver Defender and the Atomic Artist about risk assessment, a popular wives' tale, an episode that pushed Adam to his breaking point and an industry practice that changed because of MythBusters.