Ask Adam: The Origin of Adam and Jamie's "MythBusters Look"

In this livestream excerpt, Tested member Rob Langridge asks, "Were Jamie's white shirt/gray pants/beret and your black shirt and jeans a decision handed down from producers, or your actual everyday wear?

Ask Adam: Current TV Series Adam Would Want to Address on MythBusters

In this livestream excerpt, Adam answers questions from Tested members Bradley Barnes and John Osborn about current TV shows Adam would test scenes from if Mythbusters were still in production, and how working on MythBusters compared to working in a special effects shop.

Ask Adam: Adjusting to Life Post-Mythbusters

In this livestream excerpt, Adam answers Tested member questions from John Rudy, shadowfax1007 and Marc's Junk Box about which MythBusters production jobs Adam envied, having post-Mythbusters blues and whether any MythBusters production members are now at Tested.

Ask Adam: Who Modified the Cars on MythBusters?

Adam answers Tested member David Marden's question, "On MythBusters did you do the car builds in-house (roll cages, safety equipment) or farm them out?"

Ask Adam Savage: Behind the MythBusters Cement Truck Explosion

In this livestream excerpt, Adam answers MythBusters-related questions from Tested members DFriendly, Tyler Vigeant and Aaron about blowing up water heaters, who Adam talks to when speaking to camera, and what went through Adam's head when the cement truck blew up.