The Best BB-8 Fan Build We've Seen!

We're blown away by the advancements made in BB-8 fan builds, as we meet the best remote controlled BB-8 replica we've seen so far at this year's SiliCon convention!

Ryan Nagata's Apollo Pressure Suit Replica!

Adam is awestruck by Ryan Nagata's replica of an Apollo-era pressure suit.

Lifelike Animatronic Facehugger Practical Effects Puppet!

We meet effects artist Jesse Velez of Raptor House Effects, whose team created this animatronic Alien Facehugger for the 40th anniversary thatrical re-release of Alien back in 2018.

Incredible Renaissance Body Horror Cosplay Mash-Up!

We were transfixed by Gabby Reynosa's cosplay she wore at this year's SiliCon convention, starting with her take on a mash-up between Renaissance costuming and body horror!

The Sandman Helmet Made From HD Foam!

We check out the incredible props and armor pieces made by SKS Props using his HD Foam sheets and Foam clay.