Iron Man, Stranger Things, and Transformers at Sideshow Con 2021!

One collectibles company making amazing figures from fan-favorite movies and shows is ThreeZero, which has impressed us with their lineup of Transformers diecast robots and Game of Thrones character roster.

Hot Toys Prototype Figures at Sideshow Con 2021!

Norm can barely contain himself as he gets up close with a wall-to-wall display of Hot Toys prototype figures set up at this year's Sideshow Con event!

Tested at the AWS DeepRacer Championship Cup!

After a full year of summit and online competitions, the top AWS DeepRacer competitors travel to Las Vegas to face off in the DeepRacer Championship Cup! We chat with competitors and learn how they've developed models to send the DeepRacer autonomous RC car around a track it's never seen before, and the strategies to keep pace with the world's best. (This video is sponsored by Amazon Web Services.)

How Machine Learning Enables DeepRacer's Autonomous Driving

How does machine learning work and what are its applications? Mike Miller, General Manager of AWS AI Devices walks us through the story of DeepRacer, the autonomous RC car that utilizes Machine Learning and Reinforncement Learning to speedily navigate around a track. We're at AWS reInvent this week to watch teams compete in the DeepRacer League Championship Cup! (This video is sponsored by Amazon Web Services.)