1,000 Pound Monster Clay Creature Sculpture!

What does half a ton (or 450KG) of Monster Clay look like in a single sculpture? Artist Chris Guinto and his team unveil a massive creature at this year's Monsterpalooza that was created with over a thousand pounds of Monster Clay, and we chat with Chris about how he approached (and transported!) an undertaking of this scale.

Elite Creature Collectibles' Guardian Alien Design!

We catch up with legendary creature designer Steve Wang to look at the latest art pieces to come out of his effects studio for Elite Creature Collectibles.

X-Plus Classic Sci-Fi Movie Model Kits!

We're delighted to meet up with Jeremy of X-Plus and Star Ace Toys at Monsterpalooza to check out their upcoming line of plastic model kits!

Raf Grassetti's Incredible Character Art and 3D Prints!

We meet up with one of our favorite character artists, Raf Grassetti, to check in on his latest sculpts and adventures in 3D printing!

Silicone Creature Masks at Monsterpalooza 2022!

We're reunited with our friends at Immortal Masks to see how they've been doing in the three years since we last saw them at Monsterpalooza!