Ask Adam: Weirdest Things Fans Ask to Be Signed

In this live-stream excerpt, Adam answers questions from Tested members Warship Models Underway/Kurt, David Griffiths, Black Tusk Fett and Patrick Casey about Disney Imagineers, strange autograph requests, managing perfection with builds and favorite maker museums.

Puppet Master Rick Lyon's Ghostbusters Cosplay at New York Comic Con!

Our friend Rick Lyon doesn't just build incredible puppets, he is an excellent cosplayer as well! At New York Comic Con, where Adam also cosplayed as a Ghostbuster, Rick takes Adam through his AMAZING Egon Spengler costume, just one of several Rick wore that weekend!

Azula from Avatar Cosplay at New York Comic Con!

Jenna from Turnfolio Cosplay shows Adam the Azula costume she built based on an interpretation of this Avatar antagonist by artist Hannah Alexander.

Adam Meets the Paladins of Cosplay

While at New York Comic Con, we reached out to Paladins of Cosplay to see if they had anything they'd like to show us.

Adam Savage Incognito at New York Comic Con 2021!

Adam suits up with his completed Ghostbusters uniform to walk the floor of this year's New York Comic Con and meet up with the local Ghostbusters cosoplayers!