Adam Savage's 2018 San Diego Comic-Con Schedule

By Kristen Lomasney

Going to San Diego Comic Con this year (2018, that is)? Here's where you can see Adam Savage!

Because he's currently shooting MythBusters Jr. for Discovery, Adam Savage's time at Comic-Con is shorter this year. But there are still plenty of opportunities to be part of his Comic-Con experience! Here's where Adam will be in 2018. (And stay tuned for our "friends of Tested" schedule as well.)

Syfy Wire Hosts the Great Debate (Thursday at 4:45 pm)

What superfan doesn't love a good debate? To reboot or not reboot? Have video games eclipsed movies and TV? Pine, Pratt, or Hemsworth? Felicia Day, Joe Manganiello, Adam Savage, Janet Varney, Orlando Jones and John Barrowman join the ultimate debate as they share their thoughts, feelings and theories on the genre's most hotly contested topics while moderator Aisha Tyler keeps the peace. After each round, you'll get to settle the debate by casting your vote for the most convincing argument.

Adam Incognito (Friday)

Be sure to follow @donttrythis on Twitter, because we'll Tweet when Adam is hitting the floor in costume. The first person to identify Adam will get two passes to his panel later that day.

Sharkzilla Chomp (Friday at 1:30 pm)

Discovery Channel is celebrating Shark Week with Sharkzilla, a 25-foot mechanical shark that you may (or may not) remember from a previous special. Sharkzilla will be taking a swing at Buster before your and Adam's very eyes at Lexus Premier Lot at Petco Park, in something called "The Experience." We're told you can't miss Sharkzilla when you arrive.

Catching Up with Adam Savage (Friday at 6:45 pm)

This year, Adam is joined a special guest whom we'll be announcing, and he'll talk about a special Tested project as well as MythBusters Jr. (with previews from both!) One note about the panel, though: It's in a room that holds 890 people, which is larger than last year's room, but more than 1,000 people have already said they are attending via Comic-Con's app. So you may want to arrive a few minutes early.

Drawing for Adam Savage's Signing (Saturday at 9 am)

Adam's (free) signing is limited, and you'll need a ticket. The drawing for tickets is in the convention center's autograph area.

Totoro Meet-Up (Saturday at 10 am)

We had so many folks respond to our Totoro call-out that Comic-Con asked us to meet up elsewhere (crowding issues, you see). Luckily for us, our friends at Nerdist (thank you again, Kyle Hill!) were kind enough to offer us their space! If you want a photo, come to the Sparks Gallery (530 Sixth Ave) at 10 am. We only have a few minutes for pictures, though, because Adam needs time to clean up before he has to roll into ...

Magic Wheelchair Reveal (Saturday at 11:30 am)

Remember last year's amazing reveal of wheelchairs that made kids superheroes for a day? Adam is hosting again this year, when the theme is STAR WARS! (And also, this year he contributed to one of the builds, which is led by his friend Fon Davis.) Stay tuned for the location, which is still being worked out, but it'll be public.

Adam Savage Autograph Signing (Saturday at 1 pm)

Adam's doing his annual (free) signing for folks, but you'll need a (free) ticket, which you can grab at 9 am this same day in the autograph area.

As always, stay tuned to Tested Twitter and Instagram from live-from-the-field updates, and watch for videos!