Calling All Totoros for San Diego Comic-Con!

By Kristen Lomasney

We're looking to do a meet-up and Incognito walk with multiple Totoros at San Diego Comic-Con. Won't you join us?

Since Adam built his Totoro in 2016, we've seen a lot of you replicate it -- with amazing results! Which led Adam to wonder about a Totoro meet-up and Incognito floor walk. (Well, it won't be incognito long if attendees read this blog post, but that's OK.)

So we're doing a Totoro meet-up and floor walk at San Diego Comic-Con! Adam will only be there on Friday and Saturday, so it would be one of those days and you'd need to already have tickets. We have a couple of folks already interested and able with their costumes made as a result of Adam's video, and we're looking for more.

If you have tickets to SDCC on Friday or Saturday and have a hankering to make your own Totoro (Adam's One Day Build below) and join us in walking the floor, please let us know in the comments! We're totally stoked for this.