Announcing the Adam Savage Cosplay Cave and Lounge!

By Adam Savage

Ever since I saw one at Dragoncon, I've wanted to offer cosplayers a repair room at a convention. I'm getting my chance at Silicon Valley Comic Con!

It's no secret how important cosplay and costuming are to me. And ever since I saw one on my first visit to Dragoncon, I've wanted to offer a costume repair space, where cosplayers could come and fix and get help with anything that's come loose or broken (like what happened to me earlier this year with my Totoro costume at New York Comic Con).

Me at Silicon Valley Comic Con last year!

Finally, at Silicon Valley Comic Con, Tested and I are getting our chance!

Starting on Friday, April 21, and ending mid-afternoon on Sunday, April 23, we'll be set up on the lower level of the convention center, ready to welcome cosplayers or people interested in cosplay! Bill Doran and Frank Ippolito will be on hand to help and offer workshops on costume and prop making, and basic repair kits, make-up stations and places to sit will be available to anyone who needs a few minutes to prepare for their walk on the floor.

I'll be popping in and out myself on Saturday and Sunday, ready to lend a hand to anyone needing some help. And some of my costumes -- as well as costumes from Syfy's awesome show Cosplay Melee -- will be on display for people to come check out and take photos of.

We'll also be welcoming some prominent cosplayers for anyone who'd like to come by and get a selfie. Be sure to follow @Testedcom and @SVComiCon for the latest names, times and information.

Hope to see some of you there, and for those not attending the con this year, yes, Tested will be filming the demos and livestreaming it as well, so look for those videos coming up!