Taking My Bear Costume Out for a Spin in San Francisco

By Adam Savage

Just wearing a costume for a few minutes in my shop doesn't tell me how it'll do at Comic-Con. So I took the Revenant Bear costume out for a spin.

I finished my Revenant Bear costume for Comic-Con about a week ahead of time. Just putting a costume on for a few minutes or a half-hour in the shop doesn't tell you how it's going to wear at an environment like SDCC, where it's hot and crowded, and one must navigate turns, uneven ground, etc.

I also wanted to know how hot the costume would be under real-world conditions. So I took the bear out for a spin in my SF neighborhood of 24 years: the Mission District.

I walked around outdoors for about 30 minutes to see how it was to move around and avoid hitting obstacles. I did OK! I made it several blocks, to some very funny reactions from my neighbors.

For the most part everyone on the street took it in stride. People noticed, but then they just went back to whatever they were doing. It was actually hilarious.

I felt great. The costume moved well and stayed relatively cool, and while visibility was poor, it wasn't as bad as many other costumes I have. A successful test!

I love these shots. They remind me of the opening of Northern Exposure. Remember that show?

Anyway, here's what it was like wearing it at Comic-Con. This year it took longer than any other to be recognized!