Adam Savage's 2016 San Diego Comic-Con Schedule

By Kristen Lomasney

Here's where you can see Adam at Comic-Con this year, and what you at home can look forward to later.

Adam Savage is leaving today for Comic Con in San Diego, and as usual, he's thrilled.

(To say the least.)

Here's what he's doing this year publicly, and for those of you who cannot be there, we will be sharing as much as possible from the event, plus of course TONS of video on Tested afterward.

BattleBots Interview (Thursday 2:30 pm)

At the stage adjacent to the Hilton Bayfront Hotel, Adam will join Aaron Catling (BattleBots showrunner and executive producer), Nerdist's Jessica Chobot (judge), builder Zoe Stephenson (and her bot Chomp) to talk BattleBots.

W00tstock (Thursday at 7 pm)

Other guests in addition to Adam and Paul and Storm: Joel Hodgson, Cameron Esposito, Hank Green, Rebecca Watson and Travis McElroy. Tix:

Adam Incognito 1 (Friday)

Stay tuned to Twitter (@donttrythis), because we'll Tweet when Adam is hitting the floor in his first Incognito costume. The first person to identify him will get two passes to his panel on Saturday. And yes, we're totally filming this.

(more below!)

Interview With Kevin Smith (Friday at 1:15 pm)

At the IMDb yacht, Adam will be chatting it up with THE Kevin Smith -- some of his prop replicas will be there as well on display. We aren't filming this ourselves, but when it's available (which it will be), we'll share it.

Autograph Signing (Friday at 3 pm)

Adam's doing his annual (free) signing for folks, but you'll have to get (also free) tickets ahead of time. That drawing for tickets is Friday morning.

Nerdist: The Science of Star Trek (Saturday at 11:30 am)

This panel, moderated by Nerdist's (and MythBusters fan) Kyle Hill, will be on the main stage at Petco Park. Adam Savage joins Spyridon Michalakis, Dianna Cowern, and Katie Mack.

The Expanse Panel (Saturday at 3 pm)

If you're a fan of Syfy's The Expanse (like Adam is), don't miss Adam's moderation of this panel with the stars and executive producer/author.

Adam Incognito 2 (Saturday)

Again, we'll Tweet when Adam is hitting the floor in his second Incognito costume, and yes, we're filming it (Entertainment Weekly is also covering it). The first person to identify Adam will get two passes to his panel later that day.

Cosplay as Storytelling Panel (Saturday at 6:45 pm)

This year, Adam is joined by award-winning costume designer Deborah Nadoolman Landis (Raiders of the Lost Ark, American Werewolf in London) and fabricator/cosplayer Jay Justice. Again, we'll be there filming it to share on later.

Incidentally, if you haven't already seen it, check out Adam's TED talk on cosplay.

Again, for those of you who can't be at Comic-Con, know we'll share everything we can live as it happens, and then more on when we get back!