The Inaugural Silicon Valley Comic Con

By Adam Savage

I didn't know what to expect from the first-ever SVCC. As it turns out, it was a TOTAL blast.

I'm just back from the FIRST EVER Silicon Valley Comic Con in San Jose, and holy spaghetti monster it was a blast.

Naturally, I did an Adam Incognito. Because costumes.

I dressed as the Hellboy from the comics, using the sword and demon we featured in a recent One Day Build. The wrinkle was that I was the Hellboy from the comics. Not the movies. I commissioned the foam parts of the suit from an excellent foam builder on the RPF named Davin Morrow. The effect is really cool. I am wearing one of Hellboy's actual leather dusters from the first film, by the way.

It didn't take long for me to get recognized by Miguel -- I hadn't even hit the floor yet. It was about 8 seconds after I got up the escalators to where the floor WAS.

One of my favorite moments happened a few minutes later, when this little Captain America approached me, stuck out his hand, and said, "Mr. Savage! It is a PLEASURE to meet you, sir." So adorbs.

I was on three panels during the con. First was a discussion about Life on Mars with Andy Weir and Chris McKay, a planetary scientist at NASA's Ames Center, who is actually working on getting us to Mars. It was a great discussion --- Chris and Andy made a great pair of knowledgable panelists. They agreed on some things, disagreed about others, and were graceful and articulate.

Second was my solo panel, in which I took fan questions for an hour -- always fun. And finally I moderated a panel with my friends the writers from the Big Bang Theory -- Maria Ferrari, Dave Goetsch, Tara Hernandez, Steve Holland and Steve Molaro -- who are hilarious. I've never heard the word "coitus" used so many times in the course of a conference. We had ASL interpreters. I don't think they'd ever signed that word so often either.

In all cases, as I later learned, people were lining up an hour ahead of time to get in to my panels, and many had to be turned away. I was so sorry to hear that. My apologies! I've already talked to the organizers, and next year I will have bigger rooms.

Finally, and most importantly, I met a LOT of fans over the course of my two days and two awesome autograph sessions. You guys had some REALLY amazing costumes.

It's always my favorite part of the comic cons -- seeing what you've created. I've Tweeted many already (like this one, by Jerry Brook), and I'll continue to do so over the week.

SVCC was freaking great. It's thrilling to have a genuine con in our backyard, and one being run by such a great group. Woz and I are discussing ways to play next year. It should be amazing.

Excellent fan turnout, terrific costumes, good panels ... What more could one want?