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    Adam's First Tattoo - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 1/16/19
    It's just Adam and Norm this week as we find a window in the schedule to podcast while Adam's in production for his next show. Adam talks about his experience getting his first tattoo and the thought process for its design. Plus, we discuss Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, though we'll be saving the full spoilercast for when Will returns!
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    Modeling Achilles' Sword for 3D Printing!

    This week, Darrell walks us through his process for 3D modeling Achilles' sword inspired by the prop from the movie Troy. Using photo reference of the prop, Darrell explains how he creates a faithful replica that retains all the characteristics of the original!

    Adam Savage's Blade Runner Blimp Replica!

    It's now 2019, the year in which Blade Runner takes place. And while there are no Nexus 6 replicants running around, here's one thing from the film brought to life. Adam and modelmaker Kayte Sabicer reveal the Blade Runner blimp prop replica they've been working on for months!

    Tested in 2018: Favorite Coffee Table Books!

    Per tradition, Norm shares his favorite coffee table books from the year, including recommendations for art books from pop culture poster artists, behind-the-scenes books from visually striking films, and a book for science fiction typography geeks. Come back tomorrow for our final favorite things video of the year!

    Adam Savage Interviews Mortal Engines Visual Effects Supervisor Ken McGaugh

    This video is sponsored by Universal Pictures and Mortal Engines.

    In New Zealand, Adam Savage sat down with Mortal Engines visual effects supervisor (and fellow ILM alum) Ken McGaugh to talk about the challenges of bringing director Christian Rivers' vision to life. Here's an excerpt; watch the full interview below.

    Adam Savage: Describe to me the beginning of a project like Mortal Engines. When are you brought in during the process?

    Ken McGaugh: Usually I'm brought in during pre-production. When they start planning on building the sets, how they're going to execute the shots, that's where my involvement would come in. It's making those decisions about what should be in camera versus what should be visual effects. There's lots of constraints around that that are out of our control.

    Adam Savage: Right.

    Ken McGaugh: That includes the size of the stages that they're building the sets in. I mean, obviously, if we had our way, they'd build complete sets and we'd reserve the visual effects to just what was absolutely required to be visual effects. But that's where visual effects really comes in: It is removing those constraints that filmmakers have, allowing them to go beyond the physical constraints they have when shooting.

    Peter Jackson and Christian Rivers on the Making of Mortal Engines!

    Adam Savage sits down with director Christian Rivers and producer Peter Jackson to talk about the process of adapting the Mortal Engines book series into the upcoming film. It's a wide-ranging discussion about world building, telling cinematic stories, and the collaborative process of filmmaking at this scale. (This video is sponsored by Universal Pictures and Mortal Engines.)

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Mortal Engines Hand Cannon!

    Adam has just returned from New Zealand, where he met with some of the prop makers for the upcoming film Mortal Engines. Using their designs, Adam makes a replica of the character Anna Fang's striking sidearm, showing paint and weathering techniques to make this piece look at home in the movie's striking world!

    Weta Digital's Visual Effects in Mortal Engines!

    Adam Savage visits Weta Digital in New Zealand, where the award-winning visual effects company is working on the upcoming film Mortal Engines. In this in-depth conversation with Visual Effects Supervisor Ken McGaugh and Animation Supervisor Dennis Yoo, we learn about the engineering complexities of creating the epic cities seen in the film.

    Self Criticism - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 10/23/18
    This week, Adam gives a little insight into the planning process of making a show and reflects on a frustrating hitch in a recent One Day Build video shoot. We talk about why being self critical is a good thing, and the feeling of imposter syndrome. Will tells us about an awesome Star Wars-inspired concert he attended, and we talk a little about Halloween plans. It's that time of the year already!
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    The Martian Spacesuit Project Lives!

    It's finally time to resume work on The Martian spacesuit costume build! In the two years since we last checked in on the project, Frank Ippolito has moved into a new shop and has been chipping away on 3D printing crucial parts to the costume. Adam spends the day at Frank's shop to survey the pieces and start work on the helmet! (Thanks to Frank and his team for keeping this project alive in the midst of their busy shop schedule! Check out more of Thingergy's projects here.)

    Offworld Episode 12: Alien Covenant

    Could we engineer new life forms for space travel? Ariel is joined by chemical biologist Dr. Jun Axup and Dr. Lynn Rothschild of NASA to discuss the idea of genetic engineering as portrayed in the film Alien: Covenant. How does real-world gene editing technology like CRISPR relate to the ideas portrayed in science fiction?

    Sideshow Collectibles' Aliens and Predators at New York Comic Con!

    We've featured Sideshow Collectibles' beautiful superhero statues before, and at New York Comic Con, we took a closer look at some of their creature work. Andy from Sideshow walks us through their new Alien and Predator sculpts, which were a collaboration with the original artists who built the creature suits for the films!

    Photo Gallery: New York Comic Con 2018 Cosplay

    New York Comic Con is a massive pop culture event--the largest convention of its kind on the east coast. We were there this year to meet artists, makers, prop builders, and cosplayers, and those videos will be coming out in the coming days. While we had any downtime, we walked the show floor and found these wonderful cosplayers. They're just a small sample of the hundreds of cosplayers that showed up this year. Sorry if we didn't see you this time and hope to see you at the next convention!

    Adam Savage's Starchild from 2001: A Space Odyssey!

    Adam shares the story of a recently completed project: an accurate replica of the Starchild prop seen at the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey. The journey to making this prop involved collaborations with effects artist Steve Neill, finishing work by Tested's Kayte Sabicer, and electronics by Jeremy Williams! Keep an eye on it's hypnotic gaze!

    Show and Tell: 2001 EVA Pod Model Kit!

    2001: A Space Odyssey fans are in for a treat! We go hands-on with the Discovery EVA Pod model kit from Moebius Models, an 1/8th scale miniature we first saw at Comic-Con. It's an impressive styrene kit that's much bigger than we imagined, and we show its details side-by-side with the 12th-scale Atomic City garage kit released almost a decade ago.