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    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Upgrading Captain America Shield!

    Adam makes an aesthetic upgrade to his Captain America Winter Soldier shield replica, which involves an aluminum cutting technique he learned in his early BattleBots fabrication days! Follow along as Adam uses a router and template to carve a large ring of aluminum--a quick and efficient solution to a large piece of metal cutting!

    Adam Savage Cosplays the Outbreak Hazmat Suit!

    Adam is giddy with joy to try on this fantastic replica of the hazmat suit from Outbreak, made by suit fabricator Ryan Nagata! It's also appropriate as it's one of the first videos we're filming with a crew in the cave, and Ryan has designed the suit to actually provide some level of air circulation and filtration. Follow Ryan on Instagram for more of his incredible builds!

    Creature Puppets from Aliens, Flubber, Labyrinth, and Men in Black!

    Before the era of computer generated characters, aliens, robots, and other on-screen creatures were often practical puppets, playing against live actors via animatronics, motion controlled, or wire-pulled puppetry. We check out a few of those surviving puppets from a wide range of films, from the fully robotic Weebo from Flubber to the magnificent Alien queen from Aliens!

    Adam Savage's Miniature Model from A.I. Artificial Intelligence!

    Adam shares one of his contributions to the practical filming models for Steven Spielberg's A.I. film, made while working in the ILM model shop. This tiny office set was used for one of the motion-controlled flight scenes toward the end of the film, when the characters are flying through the post-apocalyptic New York ruins. Adam talks about the making of these pieces, including one part he's particularly proud of!

    Scale Model Miniatures from Star Wars, Alien, and Star Trek!

    The pinnacle of modelmaking for film is on display at Prop Store as we check out miniatures used for the making of Star Wars, Star Trek, Back to the Future, and Alien. These models, created at all different scales, show the kitbashing, scratch building, and fine detailing techniques used by teams of talented modelmakers from studios like ILM's modelshop. And the flagship piece from the Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction is the full Nostromo ship from Alien, an incredible prop that's more of a bigature than miniature.

    Original Costumes for Rocketeer, Pacific Rim, and V for Vendetta!

    We love seeing original costumes used for the making of our favorite films get taken out of storage and put on mannequins for display. So we couldn't miss the opportunity to see costumes from films like Judge Dredd, V for Vendetta, and Pacific Rim at Prop Store in anticipation of their upcoming Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction. Take a look at these costume and helmet details that show how costume design and fabrication have changed over the decades.

    Stop-Motion Puppets from Star Wars, RoboCop, and Jurassic Park!

    Iconic stop-motion armatures and puppets from films like Star Wars, Robocop 2, Starship Troopers, and Jurassic Park are assembled at the Prop Store facility as part of creature master and animator Phil Tippett's collection in search of new homes. It's part of Prop Store's massive Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction taking place August 26-27, and we're on location to take a close look at the meticulous machining and design of these pieces that show a fascinating slice of special effects history.

    Adam Savage's Kill Bill Bride Sword Replica!

    Adam shows off his replica of The Bride's sword from Kill Bill, a collaboration with a propmaker that was a journey in prop replica sleuthing and unearthing little noticed details of the original Hattori Hanzo hero sword. This piece is the jewel on top of Adam's sword rack he made earlier this year, and holds up as one of the most accurate replicas he has in his collection!

    Inside Adam Savage's Cave: Weta Workshop's Aragorn Vambraces

    Adam shares an important component to an Aragorn cosplay he's been slowing assembling--Aragorn's leather vambraces that he wears throughout the Lord of the Rings trilogy. These vambraces were made the artists at Weta Workshop, and Adam shows the layered construction and intricate details that make it a beautiful and comfortable piece of costuming!

    3D-Printing King Atlan's Artifact Prop from Aquaman!

    Darrell's latest prop replica project allows him to combine 3d printing clear resin with LED illumination and some intricate paint masking. He models and prints the King Atlan message recorder artifact as seen in Aquaman, and then applies a series of paint applications to give it an ancient and otherworldly finish. We check in with Darrell to talk through the challenges of the build and how he approached each step of the process!

    Life-Size Baby Yoda! Sideshow Collectibles' The Child Prototype

    We visit Sideshow Collectibles’ headquarters to get a close-up look at their prototype of The Child life-size figure from Star Wars The Mandalorian! This casting comes directly from Legacy Effects’ molds that were used for the making of the baby Yoda puppet used for production--the closest we'll get to seeing the real prop!

    Show and Tell: Hot Toys 1/4 Scale Darth Vader Figure

    With Comic-Con at Home and the new Sideshow Con happening later this month, Norm gets in the collectibles mindset with a look at the Hot Toys quarter scale Darth Vader figure. We show off the incredible portrait sculpt and costuming on this massive figure, and give it a dynamic action pose for some toy photography. The detail in quarter scale is amazing!

    Ash, Vito Cornelius, and Bilbo - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 6/23/20
    We recall the amazing careers of actor Ian Holm and director Joel Schumacher, whose works hold special places in the pop culture pantheon. Adam, Will, and Norm also talk about great character actors whose appearance and performances elevate the films they show up in, and give a few recommendations for classics to rewatch. Plus, a discussion about build materials that Adam has been workging with lately!
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    Show and Tell: Weathering a Transformers Blitzwing Figure!

    We spotlight the wonderfully detailed figures from toymaker ThreeZero, including their licensed lineup of Transformers posable die-cast characters. Check out the meticulous engineering and paint finish of these collectibles, and Norm shows how he applies oil paint to add an extra layer of weathering and grime to the Blitzwing DLX figure. Don't be afraid of painting your toys!

    Inside Adam Savage's Cave: Magnolia Frog Props!

    Adam shares his collection of frog props that are the same castings as the ones used in the movie Magnolia! They're made of an especially soft rubber that gives them an uncanney movement that looked great on film. Just another lovely piece of movie-making history!

    A Breath of Fresh Air - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 5/12/20
    This week, we talk about the benefits of getting a little bit scenery change with a drive around or out of the city, and the need for empathy as we inch out of total isolation. We also praise the acting of Westworld now that we're caught up with the latest season, and appreciate the hard choices directors and editors have to make in the filmmaking process. Who else is watching The Mandalorian behind-the-scenes series?
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    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Hero Sword Rack!

    Adam pushes his woodworking comfort zone a little bit with today's build: a sword rack for his home office to display his favorite hero and replica swords from his collection! The design of this sword rack is framed around one of Adam's favorite movie posters to give it a unqiue presentation. Let's see which of Adam's swords make the cut for this display piece!

    Show and Tell: The Art of Sideshow Collectibles' Star Wars Figures

    Happy Star Wars day! Norm celebrates May 4th with a show and tell of a few of his favorite Star Wars figures in his collection, as well as a recommended art book from Sideshow Collectibles chronicling their journey designing, sculpting, painting, and manufacturing scale figures from the Star Wars films. We'd love to see what pieces of the Star Wars universe you have in your own collections, whether it's art, LEGO, figures, or vintage toys!

    Adam Savage's Original Matrix Lightning Gun!

    Adam can't contain himself when one of the original lightning gun props from The Matrix arrives at the shop! And incredibly, this 20-year old prop is in almost perfect condition. We check out the details and test its built-in lighting effect, and learn why this piece in particular is so special. Adam is delighted and honored to be the new custodian of this epic movie prop!