Thank You Tested Premium Members

By Norman Chan

We have some updates to announce!

Hey everyone, Norm here. In case you haven't seen it, we resumed our podcast this week (with a new name and format!) and announced on the show that we just launched Channel Memberships on the Tested YouTube channel. It's a new way for viewers to directly support the Tested production team and help us continue the pace of videos we've been producing these past six months. Adapting to the remote working conditions of lockdown, and with Adam spending more time in the cave, we've released almost 40 build videos between March and September! And while it's taken a lot of effort adjusting to this schedule, we've been thrilled at the response and it's made us want to continue with more (and more ambitious) builds, even when things return to some semblance of the before times.

We've also taken this time to reevaluate our Tested Premium Membership program, which is how so many of you directly showed your support for us over these past years and allowed us to experiment with video series like Adam's King Arthur Armor Build and spending a week making a short film at Weta Workshop. We loved making those series, but the realities of filming in a COVID world make that kind of production nearly impossible for our team, and to be honest we never figured out a great solution for allowing you to watch those videos hosted on the website.

And as a result, we're replacing the Tested Premium Membership with YouTube Channel Memberships. It's why we stopped offering new site memberships and renewals earlier this year. If you're currently still a Premium Member, there will be some new premium content on the site for the rest of the year, and Premium Members should also have received this year's Gauntlet poster. Please reach out if you haven't yet.

I also want to personally thank you for being part of this Premium Member community over the years. It has helped us stay in operation, and I have really enjoyed meeting many of you at events and conventions (and hope to say hi when we're able to travel again!) Going forward, we hope that you'll consider signing up for a YouTube Channel Membership to continue to support us.

With Channel Memberships, there are two levels to join. $2 a month makes you a Tested Supporter, unlocking badges, emojis, discounts on all our merchandise, first dibs on exclusive merch, and access to a members-only Discord channel on the Tested Discord server. It's a token of our gratitude for you directly helping make Tested possible. For $10, you'll become a Tested Patron and get additional access to livestreams, exclusive videos, commentaries, and behind-the-scenes updates.

We know that paywalled content isn't for everyone, and nothing that you enjoyed on Tested previously will change or go away--you'll still be able to watch One Day Builds, podcasts, show and tells, and our other series on YouTube if you can't join as a Channel Member. The perks of joining are for more access to the Tested team and more transparency into our builds and production processes. We're also in the process of uploading our back catalog of Premium Member videos to YouTube for Channel Members so that archive won't go away. And until at least February 2021, they will also remain on

Adam and I will be doing a livestream next week to answer questions about Channel Memberships, talk about what we have in mind for behind-the-scenes content, and get your feedback for what you'd like to see. Hope to see you there, and again, thank you for all the support you've given us these years and we hope you'll continue this journey in building the Tested community.