Meet the Maker: Microsoft's Advanced Prototyping Center

By Kristen Lomasney

More than a dozen makers from Microsoft's Advanced Prototyping Center built the 65-pound Project Egress hatch replica as well as its 140-pound steel display stand.

Well, before you can attach the parts, you need a hatch and a base. Luckily for Project Egress, Microsoft stepped up to the task of building the 65-pound hatch replica as well as the 140-pound steel display stand. And let us tell you, it was quite an engineering challenge, requiring a team of many ... several of whom attended the live build at the National Air and Space Museum. They MAY have been horrified to watch as Adam HAMMERED a stubborn part in. But we'll never tell.

Adam Savage speaks at the Microsoft Outside In Speaker Series on May 16, 2019. (Photography by Scott Eklund/Red Box Pictures)

Continue reading for more on Microsoft's Advanced Prototyping Center and their contribution to Project Egress.

Artist statement: The Advanced Prototyping Center is located on Microsoft's main campus in Redmond, WA. where it serves as a hub of collaboration for product makers to come together and realize the next generation of Microsoft hardware devices.


Those APC team members that were involved in Project Egress include:

• Eric Roth - CNC Machinist

• Chris Ward - CNC Machinist

• Jordan Little - CNC Machinist

• Connor Garrity - CNC Machinist

• Darrell Harvey - CNC Machinist

• Taras Shevchik - CNC Machinist

• Bianca Sullivan - Welder\Fabricator

• Dick Compton - Model Maker

• Thomas Randall - Model Maker

• Ryan Sparks - Model Maker

• Bryan Adams - Painter

• John Haley - APC Manager

• Randy Kinser - Engineering Architect

• Jay Trzaskos - Engineering Architect

Read more about the Microsoft team's mission and strategy here.

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