Tested and Twitch are Streaming Inspector Gadget!

By Norman Chan

And we're going to be building props inspired by the cartoon live during the marathon!

Hey everyone! We're excited to announce an awesome event we'll be participating in next week, in partnership with Twitch and Kid Genius. Starting next Monday, December 17th, Twitch is going to be streaming an Inspector Gadget marathon--yes, the classic 1983 cartoon that I and many of you grew up with! And along with that marathon, Tested is going to be streaming live prop builds from Adam's cave!

Our very own Darrell Maloney (The Broken Nerd) has modeled three props inspired by Inspector Gadget, and we'll be turning those 3D prints into finished pieces using the tools in Adam's workshop and some of the techniques you've seen us demonstrate in past One Day Builds.

Our live builds will start streaming each day next week starting at 10am Pacific, and you'll be able to watch on Tested's Twitch page, with the Inspector Gadget marathon on Twitch Presents.

Additionally, we want you to be able to build along with us during the livestream, so we're releasing the 3D print files for one of the props: Inspector Gadget's gadgetmobile. Darrell has designed this as a 1:16 scale model, which is perfect for printing and putting on your desk. You can find the STL files here.

When we're not building together, you can watch together! Inspector Gadget will be airing 5 hours of episodes per day repeating all day, so you can catch all of them no matter what time zone you're on. Please check the TwitchPresents panels for more details.

Also, chat will have an opportunity to interact with Inspector Gadget creator himself, Andy Heyward. And, on top of that, for some lucky Twitch chatters, their usernames will be turned into a sketched out gadget of their own.

We're super excited for this event, and can't wait to show you what the team has designed to be built!