Adam Savage's SXSW 2017 Makers Scavenger Hunt

By Norman Chan

Help the makers in Austin find the pieces to assemble this puzzle!

South by Southwest festival begins this week and the city of Austin, Texas is buzzing with excitement and creativity! Adam and artist Jen Schachter have been collaborating on a Maker-themed scavenger hunt celebrating inventions, people and tools across all disciplines of making. Jen has designed an amazing laser-cut wood sculpture that showcases the breadth of maker culture, from engineering and electronics to art and design. This tapestry has been split into nine puzzle pieces, and it's up to you to collect them all and put the puzzle together!

Even if you're not in Austin for SXSW, we want the Tested and maker community to be able to participate in this scavenger hunt. Jen has hidden the nine pieces of this puzzle in locations across Austin, each connected to the themes and disciplines illustrated on the puzzle sections. For each location, you'll have to solve three riddles, and then unscramble selected letters to reveal the name of the place where the puzzle piece is kept. Think hangman, meets crossword puzzle, meets letter jumble! (When you locate a piece, we recommend looking up their business hours before making the trip.)

There are only nine total pieces, and the locations will have instructions for the people who collect them on where and when to bring them together at SXSW. As teams begin uncovering the locations and retrieving the puzzle pieces, we'll be tweeting and updating this page with the solutions. And once the puzzle comes together this Tuesday evening, we'll unlock the laser cutter designs for this beautiful art piece for you to make your own or remix the design.

The clues for the nine puzzle locations are below, and you can also download them here to print out! Collaborate with other people working to find these puzzle pieces in the comments section below or on social media using the hashtags #makerpuzzle and #sxsw2017. Good luck!

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