Join Us at 'Cinephile', Our Comic-Con 2015 Party!

By Norman Chan

And details on how to get a copy of this year's limited-edition Adam Savage art print, featuring his ILM modelmaking toolboxes!

Editor's note: Bumping up this announcement as a reminder that our Comic-Con party is next Friday! Members can RSVP now!

We're thrilled to announce that we're throwing another party at this year's San Diego Comic-Con! Last year's Incognito party was a wonderful opportunity to meet Tested readers and showcase Adam's costumes in a celebration of cosplay. This year, the party is called Cinephile, a celebration of our love for film and cinema. If there are fifty movies in your top ten list of favorite films, this event is for you. The party is on Friday, July 10th, and will be held at the Fluxx nightclub on 4th in San Diego (very close to the convention center). We'll be bringing props, costumes, and projects from the cave to the party, as well as unveiling a few surprises!

Admission is free and the party is open to everyone age 21+, but Tested Premium Members will get priority access as well as early entry. Existing members can RSVP for the party right now!

As with last year, we're also announcing a limited-edition art print for the Tested Premium Member community. New and existing members who sign up or renew now will automatically get the print of Adam's line-art rendition of his famous ILM modelmaking toolboxes. It's a beautiful and highly-detailed drawing that also lists all of Adam's essential modelmaking tools. Current members will be able to get the poster too--we'll have details about how to extend your membership to get the print soon.

We're also starting the next weeks of build video series soon (it's a really good one!), so now's the perfect time to sign up to join our premium member community. RSVP for our party and hope to see you at Comic-Con!