In Brief: Rubber Band Machine Gun Kickstarter

By Norman Chan

Who's going to do all the clean up?

I was impressed by Bandit Guns' rubber band shotgun Kickstarted last year, and you guys quickly pointed me to Japanese rubber band gun maker OggCraft. His plywood gun designs are one-off builds, but there's a new Kickstarter for a rubber band machine gun project that is promising the rubber band gatling gun we've always wanted. The Rubber Band Machine Gun was created by Ukrainain design student Alex Shpetniy and his friend, Brian Dinh, and it's a motorize plywood rubber band shooter that can hold 672 rubber bands. Its design reminds me a lot of Ogg's Gatling gun, including the use of a threaded spool to spin the 14 "chambers." Shpetniy has also created a fast reloading device that loads 14 rubber bands at once, so you only have to load it 48 times to reach max capacity. I'm a little skeptical about how well it'll work, but the $85 early bird price is fair and the model at the very least looks like a very cool display piece. Delivery is pegged for March of next year, and you can be sure I'll be building one of these for a future Show and Tell. Some photos and a video of the Rubber Band Machine Gun below.