Tour Bus Diaries: I'm In a Tank!

By Adam Savage

Adam gets a visit from Norm and Will from Tested on the tour's stop at Bakersfield.

We’ve driven through this town many times on MythBusters. This is where we have traditionally stopped for lunch, had a bite and then gone to Harbor Freight on our way out to the high desert of Mojave, where we’ve filmed a bunch of our stories. But I’ve never performed here.

Coolest thing first off was that we pulled our bus ALL THE WAY INTO THE RABOBANK CONVENTION CENTER.

So I woke up to look out the front of the bus and see the auditorium. Very cool. Made loading out from our trucks (we have two 18-wheelers that transport our show) very easy for the crew. Out my window to the left I could see Maggie, our stage manager, at her desk. Felt like I’d parked my car right in our office. Neat.

In this shot I took from the auditorium itself, you can see our two trucks and on the right, my bus.

Shortest. Commute. Ever.

Will and Norm from Tested were visiting so we could shoot some stuff for the site. We had a really great day with them. We heard tales of a great military surplus store--Supply Sergeant--and off we went to see it. We were not disappointed. First of all, they had a bloody 35-foot model of a U-boat out front.

Amazing. Turns out that it’s one of the shooting models from the movie U-571, a movie I love because it’s all about an object I covet severely: an Enigma machine.

Also out front is a half-dozen military armored vehicles and a full-sized tank! The guys in the store were super cool with us filming there (I gave them all comps to the show that night), and so we browsed. And browsed. And browsed some more. I grew up loving army-navy stores, and can always find something I need there. This was no exception.

Then we went outside to explore the tank. A TANK!

I took a great pic of a manic-looking Will inside the cobweb laden Cold War-era UK tank. (I couldn’t locate the tea-making facilities that are supposed to be in every one.)

And I took a selfie as well.

I also took a cool picture looking all the way down the barrel. Every time I’m in a tank I’m reminded that it’s basically a moving gun that you GET INSIDE OF. That’s far out.

For the social-media Twitter pic last night I messed up and took a blurry shot of Jamie and the audience with their phones in front of their eyes. It was not as cool as I was hoping. I’ll try something different tonight.

While on tour for the Behind the Myths stage show, Adam is blogging about his adventures and exploration of each city he visits. Here are his previous entries: