Make Highlights Creative DIY Secret Stash Projects

By Wesley Fenlon

Need someplace sneaky to stash your valuables? Check these out.

Over at Make, writer Sean Michael Ragan has put together an awesome list of clever DIY hiding spots for around the house (or even within your own clothes). The list builds on a trick Ragan wrote about last year, which is pretty genius. He calls it the Doortop Stash, and wrote up the directions on Make.

The goal of the project is pretty simple: hollow out a cylindrical hole in a door to hide money or a USB key full of important documents or diamonds, if you want to get fancy. Since the hole goes in the top of the door, it's nearly impossible to spot.

Photo via Make.

The project only requires a few parts, including a cigar tube, the perfect cylindrical container for your secret stash, and a washer to attach to the top of tube. Since the washer is wider than the cigar tube's cap, it will sit flush against the top of the door and keep the tube from falling out of reach. Some doors have hollow interior sections, and the last thing you want is your money stash falling into the door and rattling around.

Photo via Make.

Another washer, a bolt and a screw hold the washer and cigar tube cap together, and the rest is just drilling the appropriately sized hole in your door of choice. It's a pretty great hiding spot, though not as wild or ambitious as some of the seventeen spots highlighted in this Make post.

Some are pretty straightforward, like a plywood secret compartment (it uses magnets!), a junction box stash and the classic hollowed-out book. Even the classic trick bookshelf makes an appearance, though with a twist--instead of hiding a secret passage, it hides a cubbyhole full of liquor bottles. Sometimes even the library needs a bar.

Some others get really fancy, like a playroom hidden behind an armoire in classic The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe style. And then there's the secret garage, which is just, well, crazy.

Most of the projects highlighted on Make have pictures and even instructions showing how it's done, so check them out if you're looking for a clever secret stash.