Jamie and Adam Costume Hunt 2012: The Winners!

By Norman Chan

Here are Jamie and Adam's favorite fan costumes from this year's Halloween.

We have a winner! Four, to be exact. Jamie and Adam decided to award two sets of winners this year for the costume contest--one pair of kids and one pair of adults (or kids at heart). Jamie and Adam chose the winners themselves and really appreciated all the great submissions. Each winner will be sent a set of signed bobbleheads, in addition to hats and t-shirts. Thanks again to everyone who dressed as Adam and Jamie this year and submitted a photo for the contest!

Check out the winners below. You can also see the full gallery of fan costumes here too.

Erin and Corey submitted this winning photo of their boys, Wyatt (age 7, dressed as Adam) and Elliot (age 5, dressed as Jamie). According to Erin, the costumes were all Wyatt's idea and were decided on long before they knew about the contest. She says her and her husband have watched the show pretty regularly for a long time. She admitted that the kids would be in the room when it was on, and over time it began to grab their interest (maybe something about the explosions?). At any rate, they started to ask for "Busters," and it has become a family favorite.

The boys are both interested in science (they were very excited when they learned it might be possible to be both geologists AND paleontologists at the same time when they're grown up). They're fond of creating experiments around the house, so the science content of the show is very appealing to them. When it came time to decided who would be Adam and who would be Jamie on Halloween, Erin says Wyatt, of course, preferred to be Adam because he's a fellow redhead. Aside from that, he says he likes Adam because he is funny. Elliot decided that he wanted to be Jamie because "he does all his own stuff. Like he jumps and hangs on the bridge." Pretty solid reasoning, if you ask us.

Michael Pearson submitted this winning photo of himself posing with his friend. They decided to dress as Adam and Jamie after reading about the contest on Tested.com, although, they have been MythBuster fans for years.