Maker Faire 2012 Photos: Vipers, Daleks, and Tesla Coils

By Norman Chan

Some of my favorite sights from Maker Faire 2012

This past weekend's Maker Faire Bay Area was one of the best I've attended in the past five years. The weather was perfect, the exhibits were awesome, and the crowd was energized. We'll have videos from the show going up all week along with write-ups of some of the coolest things we saw (have you watched Adam's talk yet?). I also found some time to snap photos of many of the projects and booths, which represents just a tiny slice of the Maker Faire experience. If you wren't able to make it out to San Mateo this year, check the Maker Faire website for a list of upcoming Mini Maker Faires that may be closer to where you live.

Here are some of my favorite photos I shot from the event, all on one page.