Meet the HAMP: The Nerf Community's $10 Pump Action Dart Launcher

By Wesley Fenlon

This simple D-I-Y launcher will send darts flying over 50 feet.

At some point in the life of every Nerf gun owner, plain old dart guns lose their lustre. They dream of something better. More range. More power. Sometimes that means upgrading to a Big Bad Bow, and sometimes that means building a HAMP (High Airflow Manual Plunger) Nerf blaster at home. The latter is one ugly DIY dart launcher cobbled together with PVC pipe and duct tape, but that ugly duckling undergoes a hell of a swanlike transformation as soon as it's fired.

Photo Credit: User Roger Explosion on OzNerf

Who cares about looks when the HAMP launchers can propel darts between 50 and 70 feet? Make highlighted the blasters, which come in all shapes and sizes from creator KaneTheMediocore at the Nerfhaven community. He details how to build a few different models with nothing but yarn, duct tape, cardboard and PVC. Considering it's hard to find a Nerf gun for less than $15, spending 10 bucks on the supplies for a Vacuum Loaded Tagger Shotgun seems like a worthy investment.

Don't rush to judge the HAMP blasters on the grainy quality of the video below--the first shot fired at the one minute mark will make you a believer.