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    Adam Savage Meets the Spacesuits from First Man!

    Spacesuit replica maker Ryan Nagata brings to the cave several of his spacesuits and spacesuit parts he made for the movie First Man! Adam and Ryan talk about his build of the X15 suit seen in the film, the technical accuracy achieved by the costume department, and what he learned from making pieces to be filmed for camera.

    Hobby RC: Upgrading a Third Hand Tool

    I'm sure that most of us have some variation of a Third Hand (aka Helping Hand) in our workshop. If you're not familiar with this particular tool, it's basically a pair of alligator clips that are attached to articulating arms with a weighted base. The mechanical "hands" will securely hold whatever small widget you're working on, while leaving your actuals hands free to do the work. The utility of these simple tools for outweighs their meager cost (usually $5-$10).

    I have several Third Hands that I employ for a variety of tasks. The one I use most often is at my soldering station. I use it to hold wires, connectors, circuit boards, motors, or whatever else I need to solder. While I love this tool, I do have to concede that it has limitations. You can certainly buy nicer and more elaborate Third Hand tools. But there is often a significant bump in price for the upgrade. Second-tier units typically sell in the $30-$50 range.

    There's nothing wrong with spending $50 on a high-quality tool that fits your needs. The problem was that I didn't see any off-the-shelf models that had everything I wanted for soldering tasks. So I decided to try upgrading my base model Third Hand. This was actually my second round of modifying the Third Hand I use for soldering. I previously adapted an aluminum heatsink that makes it easier to solder battery connectors.

    XM Studios' Samurai Batman Statue!

    XM Studios' take on the DC universe caught our eyes at this year's New York Comic Con, and we check out their statues that put a samurai spin on Batman and rogues gallery. Here's how this collectibles company was able to design figures that put a stylistic twist into the characters we know from the comics.

    Sideshow Collectibles' Aliens and Predators at New York Comic Con!

    We've featured Sideshow Collectibles' beautiful superhero statues before, and at New York Comic Con, we took a closer look at some of their creature work. Andy from Sideshow walks us through their new Alien and Predator sculpts, which were a collaboration with the original artists who built the creature suits for the films!

    Adam Savage Incognito at New York Comic Con!

    Adam embarks on his mission to explore the show floor at New York Comic Con, in his new NASA ACES spacesuit cosplay! As Adam suits up, he shows all the parts that make up this intricate replica, and describes how its build was truly a team effort. Let's follow this space man on his NYCC adventure!

    Adam Savage's NASA ACES Spacesuit Replica!

    Adam Savage's newest spacesuit replica project is the NASA Advanced Crew Escape Suit (ACES)! Known as the "pumpkin suit", this iconic orange pressure suit was worn by Space Shuttle astronauts since 1994. Adam's replica is finally complete and ready for its first test fitting ahead of New York Comic Con!

    Photo Gallery: New York Comic Con 2018 Cosplay

    New York Comic Con is a massive pop culture event--the largest convention of its kind on the east coast. We were there this year to meet artists, makers, prop builders, and cosplayers, and those videos will be coming out in the coming days. While we had any downtime, we walked the show floor and found these wonderful cosplayers. They're just a small sample of the hundreds of cosplayers that showed up this year. Sorry if we didn't see you this time and hope to see you at the next convention!

    Tested: Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit Review

    Nintendo has just released its third Labo kit: a collection of cardboard vehicle peripherals that you put together yourself and play on the Switch console. Norm, Jeremy, and Kishore assemble the steering wheel, flight stick, and submarine controllers. Once again, the fun is the in the build!

    Adam Savage's Starchild from 2001: A Space Odyssey!

    Adam shares the story of a recently completed project: an accurate replica of the Starchild prop seen at the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey. The journey to making this prop involved collaborations with effects artist Steve Neill, finishing work by Tested's Kayte Sabicer, and electronics by Jeremy Williams! Keep an eye on it's hypnotic gaze!

    The Prodigal Martian Returns - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 9/25/18
    Adam talks about his time at New York Maker Faire, a trip to Frank Ippolito's shop to resume work on the Martian spacesuit project, and the work left to be done in the cave before heading to New York Comic Con. Plus, an appreciation for the original Predator movie! (Learn more about Our Children's Trust at
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    Quick Look at The xArm 7 Programmable Robot Arm!

    We check out the xArm 7, the upcoming 7-axis robot arm made by UFactory, who previously released the desktop-sized uArm. UFactory's co-founder Tony walks us through the functions of their new industrial arm, shows us how it works, and explains why they built this arm for professional use.