LegoMakerBot: The 3D Lego Printer That Prints Legos

By Wesley Fenlon

Remember when we built our own Legos by hand? Well, this is way cooler.

What do you get when you combine 2400 Lego bricks, three Lego Mindstorm NXT Bricks, and nine additional motors? Well, you could probably build just about anything , but in this case the correct answer is an awesome 3D Lego printer. Connected to a computer via USB, the 3D Lego printer takes orders from a Java app supplied with an MLCad design file and then gets to building. Tested fans should be familiar with a MakerBot when they see one, though this MakerLegoBot gets extra cool points for its serious dedication to little plastic bricks.

Want to build your own 3D Lego printer?  Check out the insanely detailed, classic Lego-style  step-by-step building diagrams. Just be ready to drop some serious cash for those two thousand necessary bricks.