In Brief: Ralph Macquarrie's James Bond

By Norman Chan

The stage show we never got.

Ever heard of the Goddard Group? Tested readers may remember them as the production company that envisioned a massive Las Vegas Star Trek attraction that never came to fruition. That attraction--a full-scale Enterprise ship that would replace the Fremont Street Experience in old downtown Vegas--was just one of the many projects Gary Goddard and his team dreamed up and pitched to studios. Here's another: a live-action James Bond stunt show for Universal Studios Florida, circa 1987. As the Goddard Group describes the original pitch, it would've been a "fifteen-minute show filled with technological wonders, grand-scale explosions, high-tech transformations, and of course, humor; all the trademarks of the James Bond films." Set in a frickin' volcano lair! And even though the show never happened, the best thing to come out of it is one piece of beautiful Ralph Macquarrie concept art, showing a potential fight scene for the show. Giant lasers shooting a Soviet submarine, natch.

Now imagine if Goddard was able to get Sir Ken Adam--production designer of seven Bond films, as well as Dr. Strangelove--to dream up a 007 stage show.