Adam’s New Animal Masks!

In addition to Adam’s collection of helms and helmets, he also has a growing mask collection for casual walkaround cosplay. Today, he shares to recent additions to that collection, both animal masks found on Etsy. Let’s take a closer look at these two creature sculpts, each made using very different techniques that are befitting of their aesthetic style.

EpicFantasy on Etsy, 3D2AA on Etsy, Adam’s Papier-Mâché Mask sculpt

LEGO Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck Lighting Kit Build!

We assemble the recently released LEGO Tallneck from Horizon Forbidden West, and install a lighting kit that makes this one of the coolest LEGO diorama models we’ve put together! Here’s how smartly placed spotlighting accentuates the sense of scale in this miniature. Plus, it’s a perfect opportunity to test a new probe lens we’re using this month!

LEGO Tallneck, Light My Bricks lighting kit.

Ask Adam: When Did You Know Making Would Be A Sustainable Career?

In this livestream excerpt, Adam answers Tested member Hrushka’s question, “At what point did you know that making was going to be a sustainable career?” Thank you for your question Hrushka!

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Adam Inspects a Prototype Machined Brass Pen!

Adam unboxes a set of new writing tools from the designers at Makers Cabinet. First off is a their Ferrule pencil holder that grips a standard wooden pencil using a machining collet. Adam also checks out a prototype of their new Lazlo ballpoint pen (named after the inventor of the ballpoint). The springless mechanism deploying the pen is so satisfying!

Makers Cabinet, Ferrule pencil holder

Adam’s One Day Builds: Annular Cutter Storage!

Adam walks us through the different kinds of machine tools for boring large holes into materials, from the humble hole saw to the versatile forstner bit. On the higher end are annular cutters for cutting through metal, and Adam has been recently working his way up to a full set of over two dozen for his mill. Today’s infrastructure build is creating a caddy to store these cutters, using the very bits themselves!

Annular Cutter set (7/16-“1-1/16”), Annular Cutter set (1″-2″) Disclaimer: Tested may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through the links here.

Ask Adam: What IS It About The Matrix?

In this livestream excerpt, Tested members Rita Bowman and Jens Bååth ask Adam about his affinity for The Matrix films, as well as the former Tested series “The Talking Room.” Thank you for your questions and support, Jens and Rita!

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Playlist: The Talking Room, The Talking Room: Vince Gilligan.

Star Wars Vintage Action Figure Guides!

While we’ve been enjoying the incredible Light & Magic documentary series about the history of ILM, we dive into the storied history of Star Wars action figures with three books that catalog those iconic vintage toys. From comprehensive visual guides to prototype deep dives, these are coffee books we’re happy to get lost in!

Gus and Duncan’s Guide to Star Wars Prototypes, The Vintage Collection Archive Edition, Star Wars: The Ultimate Action Figure Collection.

Crisis on Infinite Streaming Services – This is Only a Test 659 – 8/5/22

What a week. From the passing of cultural icons like Nichelle Nichols and Bill Russell to the chaos around the Batgirl movie, we could take a breath to process major news as it broke from minute to minute. We discuss our hopes for the future of HBO Max and DC, get pumped for Andor, and get an extended return of A Moment of Science!

Inside Wētā Workshop’s Animatronics Lab!

Adam Savage visits Wētā Workshop’s electronics lab where Richard Taylor walks him through the design and prototyping of the larger-than-life animatronic character visitors meet in the Wētā Workshop Unleashed experience. Adam goes hands-on in controlling the lively facial expressions of this robot and learns how this animatronic is a different engineering challenge than the ones created for film.

Wētā Workshop Unleashed, See photos from the exhibition, The Production Design of Wētā Workshop Unleashed, Creating a Bigature for Wētā Workshop Unleashed. Stay tuned for more videos from Adam’s visit behind the scenes of Wētā Workshop Unleashed!

Ask Adam: All About Clamps

In this live stream excerpt, Adam answers questions from Tested members shadowfax1007 and Call Me Dax about go-to clamps as well as tools for small-handed folks. Thank you, Shadow and Dax, for your questions and support!

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C- Clamp 2″‘, 12-Inch Heavy-Duty Steel Bar Clamp, IRWIN Tools VISE-GRIP, IRWIN VISE-GRIP Original Locking Pliers, Long Nose, 4-Inch, IRWIN QUICK-GRIP Bar Clamp Micro, 4-1/4-Inch, IRWIN QUICK-GRIP Bar Clamp 18-Inch, IRWIN VISE-GRIP C Clamp, PandaHall 2 Pack Wooden Ring Clamp, No-Twist Round Handle Multi-Purpose Lever Clamp, 2″ (Kant Twist alternative), Lot of 4-6″ inch Spring Clamp. Disclaimer: Tested may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through the links here.