Choose Kindness – This is Only a Test 651 – 5/26/22

We take a moment to acknowledge the tragedies of the past two weeks, and attempt to keep the rest of the show light to take a breath from the intensity of the news. From an upcoming family road trip to Star Wars Celebration to the return of Tom Cruise running on the biggest screen possible, here’s what we’re looking forward to over the next week. Plus, a moment of science returns as Kishore breaks down some new research data about long Covid. Thanks as always for choosing to spend an hour each week hanging out with us.

Adam in Real Time: Moby Dick Diorama Boat Build!

Our edit of Adam’s Moby Dick diorama build is more than an hour long, so we cut out a great deal of his work on the whaling vessel portion. We hope you enjoy this 25-minute real-time segment, exclusive to Tested Patron and Premium members, and we thank you for your support!

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Watch Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Moby Dick Diorama Maquette

Adam’s One Day Builds: Moby Dick Diorama Maquette!

Inspired by his recent revisiting of Moby Dick, Adam embarks on a sculpture to bring to form one of Rockwell Kent’s striking drawings from the 1930 edition of the novel. This maquette is Adam’s interpretation of his favorite illustration from the book: a whale tail upending a whaling boat and all the sailors on board. From modifying a whaling boat model to sculpting the enormous tail out of a medium called Pal Tiya, this is a diorama build as epic as the novel that inspired it!

Watch PREMIUM/PATRON EXCLUSIVE: Adam Savage in Real Time: Moby Dick Boat Build.

Moby Dick, Rockwell Kent’s Moby Dick Illustrations, Pal Tiya. Disclaimer: Tested may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through the links here.

Adam’s Guide to Sanding Tools!

Today’s guide is all about sanding! It’s the thing that unites makers–we all have to do it at some point for our builds, and there are so many tools out there to help make sanding less of a chore. Adam shows us his favorite sanding devices in the shop and explains how he gets the most out of those tools as well as his philosophy toward sanding!

Shinto Rasp, Woodworking Rasp, Assorted Abrasive Rolls, 5″ Disc Sander, Proxxon Belt Sander, Grizzly Finger Sander.

Ask Adam: Do I Want to Go to Space?

In this live stream excerpt, Adam answers Tested members Andy Kellett, robotfencer and Shane Shellenbarger’s questions about which natural phenomena Adam wants to experience, what qualifies as a maker, and would Adam take a space flight. Thank you for your questions and support, Andy, robot and Shane!

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Watch Eric Cheng Timelapse of Aurora Borealis.

The Amazing Miniature Sign Builds of Route 9 Signs!

Miniature sign maker Chris Raley–aka Route 9 Signs–brings a selection of his beautiful sign replicas to the studio to walk us through his build processes and journey as a miniaturist and artist. We take a close-up look at two new San Francisco-inspired signs Chris made this month, and discuss the various ways he replicates vintage neon and the mid-century roadside aesthetic at small scale!

Follow Chris’s miniature sign builds at and

Ask Adam: Who Modified the Cars on MythBusters?

Adam answers Tested member David Marden’s question, “On MythBusters did you do the car builds in-house (roll cages, safety equipment) or farm them out?” Thank you for the question and support, David!

Adam’s T, Watch MythBusters on DiscoveryPlus, Tested Ts, stickers, mugs and more!

Adam Tests His Temporary Ruler Tattoo!

Need to measure something but don’t have a ruler handy? Adam Savage has the perfect solution! In collaboration with San Francisco tattoo artist Larz from Marz (@larzfrmarz on Instagram), Adam tattooed a ruler on his forearm, and now you can WEAR it, too, as a temporary tattoo with inches, centimeters, and even millimeters OR as a shirt or hoodie. Here’s how to apply the temporary tattoo, and how it compares with Adam’s ACTUAL tattoo.

Temporary Ruler Tattoo, Ruler Tattoo T/Hoodie, Larz From Mars.

LEGO Star Wars Trench Run Automata + Lighting Build!

This week’s LEGO build takes the newly released Star Wars Death Star Trench Run set and converts it into a piece of automata by remixing it with the LEGO Pursuit of Flight set. The result is a miniature scene with Vader’s TIE Fighter in animated pursuit of Luke’s X-Wing, against a backdrop of LEGO greeblie paneling. We also add LED lights to the diorama and the finished piece looks amazing!

LEGO Star Wars Death Star Trench Run Diorama, Light My Bricks lighting kit.

Adam Unpacks Fan Gifts from Planet Comicon!

Very often at comic-con conventions, fans who come through Adam’s autograph line will give him gifts (yes, they ALL make it back to the cave), and the attendees of Planet Comicon in Kansas City were no exception. Here are just some of the amazing and thoughtful items Adam received!

Planet Comicon, Eau de Space, Rebel Legion, Midland Empire Ghostbusters, Build Daniel Build.