Painting and Assembling Adam Savage’s Custom Welding Cart!

Sometimes Adam builds things off-camera, with his custom oxy acetylene cart being the latest example. We may not be able to bring you the build, but in this Tested Patron/Premium exclusive, we present the time lapse of Adam painting the cart, and then the real-time footage of its assembly!

Ask Adam: How I Jump Back Into a Set-Aside Project

In this live stream excerpt, Tested members Steve W and The Crafty Collector ask Adam about how he remembers where he left off when jumping back into a project and whether he’ll ever paint his Dune box.

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Adam’s One Day Builds: RoboCop 2’s Cain Stop-Motion Puppet!

This week’s machining excursion is a return to Adam’s RoboCop 2 Cain figure–originally composed of cast resin pieces from Phil Tippett’s original stop-motion puppet. Over time, Adam has slowly been converting its pieces to machined aluminum parts, and today takes on the job of recreating its arms to make them actually posable!

Watch Adam’s first build video on this Cain robot.

Ask Adam: Does Self-Filming Make Builds Longer?

In this live stream excerpt, Tested members Best Tank, Jack Walsh, Ryan Peck and Vickie Bligh ask about working with cardboard, whether self-filming makes a build take more time, and the fate of the individual cases that housed the items now displayed in the sci-fi blaster storage vault. Thank you for your questions Tank, Jack, Ryan and Vickie!

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How to Make Diorama Landscapes with Foil and Plaster!

Kayte is back with a Model Behavior tutorial for making sturdy diorama landscapes with simple materials! Using just household aluminum foil and off-the-shelf plaster bandages, Kayte shows you how to sculpt and form terrain of all scales that you can use for your miniatures display or tabletop gaming!

Plaster Bandages, Green Undercoat paint. Disclaimer: Tested may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through the links here.

One Perfect Shot – This is Only a Test 643 – 3/31/22

The tambola of guest hosts continues to revolve this week as Norm is joined by Tested’s own Joey Fameli and new producer Josh Self in his podcast debut! The three talk about Josh’s backgound in production and the making of our recent Bond-inspired dart blaster video, as well as dive into recent films like The Batman. Plus, we watch HBO Max’s One Perfect Shot documentary series, and give a spoiler-free review of the first episode of Moon Knight! Thanks to Joey and Josh for joining this week! You can find them online at and

Adam’s Dirk Gently Steampunk Crossbow Hero Prop!

Inspired by a question from Tested member Thomas Esson, Adam pulls back the curtain on a collaboration he did with the production team of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency back in 2016. Adam was asked to make a prop for the show, and he designed and prototyped the steampunk compound crossbow that was eventually fabricated by the props department and used throughout the series! Here’s the story of how Adam came up with the design and how he pitched it to the makers of the show!

Ask Adam: When to Make vs. Buy Something

In this live stream excerpt, Tested members Austin Fischer, Dianora5 and Thomas Essonask about when to make or buy something, recycling parts from previous One Day Builds and how Adam’s appreciation for a replica design has changed after building it. Thank you for your questions and support Austin, Dianora and Thomas!

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Adam’s One Day Builds: Drill Press Modifications!

One of the most used tools in Adam’s shop is his Powermatic drill press, and he improves it today by mounting it on a rolling platform! It’s also time to switch back to his old drill press table, as the one he installed last year isn’t working as well as he had hoped. And if you recall from the last time he took the drill press apart, getting this machine on its side to operate on it is no simple feat to do alone!

Ask Adam: The Myth Jamie Suggested That I LOVED (But We Didn’t Do)

In this live-stream excerpt, Adam answers MythBusters-related questions — specifically about the rocket sled and the president’s challenge episodes — from Skyshadow3246 and William Rayburn. Thank you, Skyshadow and William for your support and questions!

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