That’s So Meta – This is Only a Test 623 – 10/28/21

It’s a big week for virtual reality as Jeremy and Norm discuss all the news to come out of Facebook Connect, including the brief glimpses of new hardware teased for next year. Plus, the Dune sequel gets greenlit, Pixar’s Lightyear trailer, and thoughts on the VR headsets announced by Varjo and Pimax.

Adam’s Ghostbusters Prop Department Gift!

When Ghostbusters: Afterlife prop builder and friend of Tested Ben Eadie visited Adam’s shop to assist in the build of Adam’s custom proton pack, he brought along a special gift made by the prop department. Ben reveals the gift to Adam and explains how it was made, using some of the same techniques the prop team used to fabricate the meticulously detailed props from the film!

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How Google’s Wing Drone Delivery Aircraft Works

Will drone deliveries be a practical part of our future? We visit the test facilities of Wing to check out how their engineers and aircraft designers have developed a drone and drone fleet control system that is actually in operation today in parts of the world. Here’s how their VTOL drone works and what it’s like to both load and receive a package carried by an autonomous aircraft!

Comparing U.S. vs. Soviet Spacesuits at Smithsonian

While visiting the National Air and Space Museum, Adam came upon two historic spacesuits: David Scott’s Apollo 15 A7LB and a Russian moon suit (known as a Krechet). Here’s some of the history behind — as well as some of the marked engineering differences between — them.

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Adam Reviews Hasbro’s Ghostbusters Neutrona Wand!

With both Halloween and the release of Ghostbusters: Afterlife right around the corner, Adam unboxes and reviews Hasbro’s Plasma Series Neutrona Wand inspired by the Spengler prop seen in the new film. Adam can barely contain his excitement over the attention to detail, lights and sound features, and handling experience of this prop replica, which rivals that of the kits he’s come across over the years. It’s a fantastic time to be a Ghostbusters fan and cosplayer!

Hasbro Ghostbusters Plasma Series Spengler’s Neutrona Wand

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Ask Adam: Has Celebrity Changed Adam’s Con Experience?

In this excerpt from a recent live stream, Adam answers questions from Sean Vedell, Joelle Brooke, Joe Niedbala and James Dutrow on everything from comic-con conventions to what book Adam’s reading to properly measuring and designing with allowances in mind.

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The Order of Time by Carlo Rovelli, Hail Mary by Andy Weir

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$15 Wireless LED Light Kit Tested—Does It Work?

We test this truly wireless LED lighting kit that our friends at Adafruit just started carrying. For $15, you get a small coil that powers ten included LED lights, which don’t need to be individually wired. Here’s how well these wireless LEDs work, their limitations, and how they can be used to light up small LEGO sets! What applications could you imagine using these wireless LED lights?

$15 Small inductive coil and 10 LED kit, Large inductive coil and 10 LED kit, X-Base wireless LEDs

Varjo Aero VR Headset Review—Insane Display Detail!

We test and review the new Varjo Aero–a virtual reality headset with the best image quality and display clarity we’ve used in a consumer/prosumer HMD. Here’s an in-depth look at the Varjo Aero’s technology, display and optics, and how it runs our favorite VR games. The Aero makes it difficult for us to go back to our older VR headsets, but its display fidelity comes at a cost: high system requirements and a $2000 price tag.

Disclosure: This product was loaned to us for purpose of review.

Pro, Max, Notch – This is Only a Test 622 – 10/21/21

We react to the trailers and footage shown at DC’s recent Fandome event, including the new trailer for The Batman and our first look at Black Adam! The team also discusses Valve’s plans to verify games for the SteamDeck, and Google’s Pixel 6 strategy. Plus, our take on the performance and design of Apple’s just-announced MacBook Pro lineup and new Airpod 3s.

Adam Sees One of National Air and Space’s Favorite Artifacts!

The wonderful Smithsonian curators had a lot of surprises for Adam during his visit to the National Air and Space Museum, and one of them was this camera from the Surveyor III spacecraft! Curator Matt Shindell takes Adam on a tour of this artifact and explains what makes it so extraordinary.

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