Cinematic Mode – This is Only a Test 619 – 9/30/21

The duocast streak continues as Jeremy tags in this week to discuss real world use of iPhone’s cinematic video mode, the nitpicking of iPad Mini’s jelly roll screen effect, porting Medal of Honor to the Quest 2, and Amazon’s slate of home robots. Plus, Norm demos a new type of LED strip he’s been testing and rants about the movie Free Guy. Join us!

Grant Imahara’s Animatronic Grogu Replica

One of Grant’s last major projects is his animatronic “Baby Yoda,” a collaboration with prop artisan Lauren Markland and costumer Lindsay Hamilton. Lauren explains to Adam Savage how she and Grant built this “happiness maker” (in just three months!), as well as Grant’s intentions behind his Grogu replica’s ultimate use.

Learn more about — or donate to — the Grant Imahara STEAM Foundation.

A Tour of Grant Imahara Shop.

Adam’s One Day Builds: Aliens Colonial Marines Armor!

Adam has been chipping away on his Aliens Colonial Marine armor set, and this past summer made headway on replicating the helmet accessories and painting the distinct camouflage effect on his armor. Making armor look properly weathered, distressed, and with proper camouflage look is no easy task, and it’s a painstaking journey of paint and elbow grease! (Colors used in this build: Humbrol enamel Dark Green 91, Light Green 226, Khaki 29, Red 160, Grey 64. Rust-Oleum 279175 Deep Forest Green Spray Paint.)

Watch more from Adam’s build of his Aliens Colonial Marine cosplay.

Adam’s Favorite Tools: Electric Cast-Cutting Saw!

Adam shows off a new tool for the shop that he picked up specifically for cutting through fiberglass. While this handheld electric saw looks like a standard rotary saw with a round blade, it acts more like a reciprocating saw and allows Adam to safely make cuts without worrying about the tool running off of the cut. This is actually an electric plaster saw–the same kind used for the safe removal of orthopedic plaster bandages and casts!

Electric Plaster Saw. Disclaimer: Tested may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through the links here.

Working on a Fiction-Based Aircraft as a Smithsonian Museum Specialist

What’s it like working on a fictional aircraft when you’re used to the real thing? National Air and Space museum specialist Matthew Voight explains to Adam Savage, identifies some of its real-world elements, then describes how he and his team plan to hang the Smithsonian’s X-Wing without drastically altering its structure.

Why There’s an X-Wing in the Smithsonian

Ask Adam: On Turning a Hobby Into a (Still Enjoyable) Business

Tested member Mikael asks, “I’m in the process of turning my hobby of making into a side business, but I’m scared it won’t be fun anymore, because it’ll be work. Any advice on how to keep it fun whilst still making a profit?” Well, YES! And here it is.

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Elegoo Mars 3 4K Resin Printer Review!

This week in 3D printing, we review the Elegoo Mars 3, a $300 resin printer with a 4K screen, fall in love with Wham Bam’s flexible build plate system, and put a spotlight on two sets of print files from the worlds of Star Wars and Hagglethorn Hollow. What have you been printing lately?

Elegoo Mars 3, WhamBam Flexible Build System, Tree Creatures, Death Star Micro Tiles.

Disclosure: This device was provided by the manufacturer for purposes of review.

Visions – This is Only a Test 618 – 9/24/21

Norm and Kishore check in to talk about the success of the Inspiration 4 mission, the just-announced Mario movie, and what surprised us most about the Star Wars Visions series. Plus, Microsoft’s revamped hardware lineup, new iPhone reviews, and the future of wireless charging.

A Tour of Grant Imahara’s Shop

Friend and colleague Fon Davis gives Adam Savage a tour of Grant Imahara’s shop, untouched since his passing in July 2020. Tested is honored to chronicle this very special makerspace, at the behest of Grant’s mother Carolyn, before its contents are donated, sold or relocated.

Learn more about — or donate to — the Grant Imahara STEAM Foundation.

Adam’s One Day Builds: Hasbro Mandalorian Helmet Repaint!

Adam shows you how to take Hasbro’s The Black Series Mandalorian helmet and make it look more like the prop used on the show. As Adam and Norm experiment with the paint process, they run into unexpected results that make the helmet look amazing. Using some standard clear coat spray spray paint, airbrushed floor wax, and a weathering pass of Archive-X acrylic, you can transform the off-the-shelf helmet into a cosplay-worthy piece with just the right amount of shine and grime!

Star Wars The Black Series Mandalorian Helmet, Krylon Crystal Clear Coat, Archive-X paint. Disclaimer: Tested may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through the links here.