MythBusters’ Rocket Car Rockets!

For Adam, these stacks of spent rockets from JATO Rocket Car 1 and 3 exemplify the entire HISTORY of MythBusters. Here’s why, along with insight into how it felt filming such an expensive, dangerous episode as the PILOT, especially since … well, you know how the episode(s) turned out.

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Adventures in CNC: Making a Plywood Room Divider!

After assembling our workshop’s new CNC, Jen embarks on a woodworking project that can make use of the X-Carve Pro’s large workspace to experiment in fabricating custom furnishings for her home. She walks us through her process making a folding set of room dividers that maximize the surface area of smaller sheets of plywood with seamless joinery built into her design. It’s a super satisfying project to watch come together with lessons learned that we’ll take into the next project!

Disclosure: This machine was provided by the manufacturer for purposes of review. Find out more about the X-Carve Pro here

Behind the Attraction – This is Only a Test 610 – 7/29/21

Jeremy returns his week down in Southern California and reports back on his visit to Galaxy’s Edge, Universal Studios Hollywood, and the EV road trip getting there. We also have more thoughts on the Steam Deck, discuss the first hands-on reports of the Playdate handheld, and awe at PlayStation 5’s record-breaking sales. Plus, some Oculus updates that VR fans should know about!

The Return of MythBusters’ ROBOSHARK (from Shark Week)!

The MythBusters traveling exhibition has closed, and its artifacts will be auctioned off by Prop Store to benefit the Grant Imahara STEAM Foundation! We’ll be highlighting some of Adam’s FAVORITE pieces (complete with behind-the-scenes stories) in upcoming videos, starting with Roboshark, from 2008’s Shark Week Special. Find out why Roboshark is so near and dear to Adam’s heart (plus how it worked), then sign up to bid on it and other lots. (Honestly, if you don’t bid on Roboshark, we will.) Donate directly to the Grant Imahara STEAM Foundation. Watch MythBusters on Discovery Plus

Weird and Wonderful Vintage Analog Clocks!

Sean Charlesworth from Tested shares one of his passion projects: collecting, restoring, and creating displays out of vintage mechanical clocks. Taking apart a few pieces from his collection, Sean shows the beautiful mechanisms that operate these timepieces, which may look bland on the outside but are mesmermizing on the inside! Watch this episode in VR with Oculus TV.

How We Manage All Our Video Footage + Edit Off a NAS!

Tested’s head of production Joey Fameli explains how he recently upgraded our media management system not only to increase the overall storage capacity and redundancy of our backups, but to also be able to edit full-resolution video directly from the NAS over a 10Gbps ethernet connection! Synology’s DS1621xs+ will allow the team to edit footage simultaneously from the server as well, and levels up our event coverage editing workflow! Tested’s Media Management Workflow video. Find out more about Synology Storage Solutions.

Disclosure: This project was provided to us for the purpose of review.

Iron Man, Stranger Things, and Transformers at Sideshow Con 2021!

One collectibles company making amazing figures from fan-favorite movies and shows is ThreeZero, which has impressed us with their lineup of Transformers diecast robots and Game of Thrones character roster. At Sideshow Con 2021, we check out prototypes of their sculpts from Stranger Things and Court of the Dead, as well as get up close to a highly-anticipated 1/12 scale Iron Man Hulkbuster! Learn more about what’s being shown at Sideshow Con

Framework Modular Laptop Assembly and Teardown Review!

With right to repair on top of mind lately, the Framework laptop arrives at a perfect time for us to test. We assemble and set up the DIY Edition of this modular laptop, showing how accessible it is for a typical user to install or replace memory, storage, and battery. And after a few days of use, we pop open the chassis to remove the motherboard as well as we would if upgrading the laptop down the line.
Learn more about the Framework laptop. Disclosure: this product was loaned to us for purpose of review.

Hot Toys Prototype Figures at Sideshow Con 2021!

Norm can barely contain himself as he gets up close with a wall-to-wall display of Hot Toys prototype figures set up at this year’s Sideshow Con event! From Ahsoka Tano to the new Boba Fett, these figures from all over the Star Wars universe show off Hot Toys artists’ incredible portrait sculpts and paintwork. There are quite a few surprises here as well, including fan favorites from the prequel trilogy and The Mandalorian! Learn more about what’s being shown at Sideshow Con here

Steam Deck – This is Only a Test 609 – 7/22/21

Dan Stapleton from IGN joins us this week to break down the announcement of the Steam Deck as we talk through Valve’s forays into making and selling hardware. From the hardware’s potential to the pre-order system designed to thwart scalpers, we discuss who this new handheld is designed for and our hopes for it. Plus, a spoiler-filled recap and review of the finale of Loki!