Ask Adam Savage: Favorite Object Built on MythBusters

Is it possible for one prison inmate to kill another inmate across the hall using a crossbow made of newspaper? In the filming of this 2006 MythBusters episode Adam made one of his FAVORITE objects ever, which he talks about during his answer to Tested member Kyle Bennette’s question. Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks, like asking Adam a question.

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: MacReady’s Hat from The Thing!

Today’s build is the intersection of two of Adam’s favorite things: and his collection of new hats, and the movie John Carpenter’s The Thing! That’s right: Adam is working on a MacReady costume inspired by Kurt Russell’s iconic character, and it all begins with making an ultra-accurate replica of his distinct and ridiculous hat!

The Last Best West MacReady hat:

Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Joey Fameli

Testing the Looking Glass Portrait Lightfield Display!

We test out creating holograms from our phone portrait photos and playing holographic Doom in the Looking Glass Portrait lightfield display! Now that this display is shipping to crowdfunding backers, we get our hands on one to test out the software for importing photos, OBJ models, and even unity games. Here’s why this device finally feels like the kind of tabletop hologram we’ve seen in movies and science fiction.

Learn more about the Looking Glass Portrait at

Let’s Make a PlayDate – This is Only a Test 603 – 6/10/21

Lots to go over this week as we break down Apple’s announcements from WWDC, dissect the Battlefield 2042 debut trailer, get excited over new information on the PlayDate portable game system, and show off some holograms on a Looking Glass Portrait volumetric lightfield display. Plus, the early reports from Avengers Campus and Norm’s new lightsaber!

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Foamcore Architectural Model!

Every time Adam needs to wrap his head around the layout of a building, he makes a scale model of the structure as an exercise to better understand the space. One such building is the Fab House community maker space in Cleveland, for which Adam is on the advisory board. Using digital renders and blueprints as reference, Adam recreates the four floors of the Fab House in a 1/24 scale architectural model form using trusty foam board, a craft knife, tape, and hot glue!

Shot and edited by Gunther Kirsch

Learn more about Fab House:
Donate to the current campaign for supporting youth ambassadors:
For updates on Fab House (#fabhousecleveland), follow founder Sonya Pryor-Jones @SonyaPryorJones on Twitter or IG
Watch Adam build his childhood house in foamcore:

Adam Savage’s Favorite Tools: Great Budget Vacuum Former!

One of the most useful tools for a small scale modelmaker is a vacuum forming machine, which lets you make lightweight plastic copies of model or prop parts quickly. Adam shows us the vacuum former he built while he was a professional modelmaker, and then demonstrates a small dental vacuum forming machine that is a great way to get started without spending a lot of money.

Budget Dental Vacuum Former:
03″ Styrene sheets:
You can watch Adam demo this Vacuum Former in VR with Oculus TV!

Adam Savage’s New Milling Machine!

You’ve asked about it, and it’s time to show you the new milling machine that Adam upgraded to and brought into the cave this year. Adam explains how a mill works, gives an overview to his own journey in machining that got him to this point, and shows off the features of his new Sharp mill. Plus, take a look at what it took to get this machine loaded into the cave and make its way to back of the workshop!

Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Norman Chan

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Workbench Vise Upgrade!

One of the biggest upgrades made to Adam’s shop over the past year has been the addition of his new workbench, which was made by woodworker and engineer Andrew Klein. And as Adam has used this workbench’s numerous features for his builds, he’s come up with ideas of his own to make the bench work better for his needs. Today’s upgrade is to the bench’s vise, giving its handle better ergonomics and a design inspired by the handles on his mill.

Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Joey Fameli

HTC Vive Pro 2 VR Headset Review!

We test and review the HTC Vive Pro 2, the latest desktop virtual reality headset from HTC. Norm evaluates the high-resolution display panel and optics choices made for this headset, and how they compare with alternatives like the Valve Index and HP Reverb G2. Does the image quality justify the high price tag?

Shot and edited by Norman Chan

The Real Ocean’s 11 – This is Only a Test 602 – 6/3/21

We’re joined by Tested contributor Bill Doran of Punished Props Academy to talk about his latest foam fabrication projects, how he’s thinking about convention travel plans for the rest of the year, and the benefits of FDM 3D printers versus resin printers. Plus, Kishore gives an update on NASA’s James Webb telescope and we all geek out over reality competition shows that showcase compentency over drama. Thanks to Bill for joining us this week! Follow Punished Props Academy at and