Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Famous Gemstones Collection!

Adam’s obsession with historically significant gems dates back to his childhood, and he fulfills a lifelong curiosity by assembling this collection of famous diamonds and other gems from around the world (and from fantasy as well). Follow along as Adam goes through the process of figuring out the best way to display and experience this collection, and the resulting custom display box he builds for it.

Find the replica gems at:
Suizan Japanese hand saw: and

Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Norman Chan

Hot Toys 1/4 Scale Spider-Man Review and Diorama Build

Norm reviews the new quarter-scale Spider-Man figure from Hot Toys, based on the costume design as seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Here’s what quarter-scale allows for in terms of character sculpt, costume cut and sew, and posability. Plus, Norm builds a custom diorama to photograph and display this figure, inspired by one of the movie posters for the film!

Steam in Your Pocket – This is Only a Test 601 – 5/27/21

We don’t hold our breath for news about JJ Abram’s Portal movie, but get excited for casting for Netflix’s Sandman in this week’s episode. We also discuss the rumor that Valve is making a handheld gaming PC to run Steam, the first Eternals trailer, and Tesla’s decision to go all in on computer vision.

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Bear Costume Rebuild!

It’s been almost five years since Adam made his bear costume to walk through Comic-Con, and the suit is in dire need of repair, refit, and refurbishment. It’s an opportunity for Adam to completely rebuild the one part that’s never quite satisfied his original design–the bear’s head. So it’s time to get the bear suit out of storage and make a whole new headpiece for it, turning Adam’s original sketch into a full-formed and fur-covered animatronic head!

Find Adam’s bear costume poster here:

Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Gunther Kirsch

Adam Savage’s Guide to Workshop Scissors

One of the most important tools in any workshop are a good pair of scissors, but it’s also a category of tool where you’ll find many different types, styles, and variations to suit different making needs. Adam gives an overview of his favorite scissors he has in his workshop collection, from essential all-purpose scissors to specialty cutters for specific materials and cut patterns. And keep in mind Adam’s most important rule for scissors when it comes to maintenance and proper use!

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Kai 7280 11-Inch Professional Scissors:
Tailor Scissors:
Milwaukee Heavy Duty Scissors:
Wiss Utility Shears:
EMT Scissors:
Clauss titanium snips:
Westcott titanium scissors:
Mundial 10″ trimmers:
Gingher spring-action dressmaker shears:
Right Shears:
Basic Scotch scissors:
Good Grips kitchen scissors:
Kraft Edgers scissor set:
Micro Mark Tight Spot scissor:
Tin snips:

How To Professionally Frame Your Artwork at Home!

Properly framing your photos, posters, and other artwork is more than just putting it in an off-the-shelf frame–there are many tricks that professional frame makers use to keep your precious art pristine and looking great on the wall. Jen walks you through the process of making a custom frame using accessible specialty tools and tips she learned from doing this professionally. It’s a process that’s both satisfying and could also save you a lot of money!

Tools and materials
Logan Pro Joiner:
Corner clamps:
Wood markers:
CA glue:
Wood glue:
Nail Hole and Corner Filler:
Framing point gun + points:
Acid free foam board:
ATG tape gun:
Acid free backing paper:
Dust cover trimmer:
Framing wire:
D ring hangers:
Frame bumpers:

Prints shown by: and

Shot by Gunther Kirsch and edited by Norman Chan

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: OneWheel Electric Skateboard Mods!

Adam loves riding his OneWheel XR electric skateboard around the neighborhood, and makes modifications to his board to give it some attachable payload capacity as well as GoPro mounts to film his rides. The satchel he sews allows him to repurpose car airbag he rescued from a car in his MythBuster days, and the camera mounts will give us a sense of how smoothly the board glides up San Francisco’s hills. And the modifications aren’t completely without a custom charging stand to build as well!

Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Gunther Kirsch

Step Into The Looking Glass – This is Only a Test 600 – 5/21/21

Duocast this week as Kishore and Norm recap the news from Google I/O, dissect the Project Starline telepresence booth, get hyped for a new Batman animated show, and sing the praises of the VR game Demeo. Plus, more impressions of the Framework modular laptop and what an electric F-150 pickup means for the EV market.

3D Printing a Miniature Cityscape Diorama!

Cue the 3D printing timelapse music because it’s time for another resin print showcase. Norm shares two projects he’s been tinkering with, starting with a beautifully modeled cityscape designed by The Lazy Forger. Created for 6mm scale tabletop gaming, this set of buildings are also ripe for making diorama bases for display models or other printed figures. We also use Meshmixer to slice a character portrait for a quick and easy mixed media aesthetic.

The Lazy Forger’s 3D models:
Paul Braddock’s 3D models:
Turn A Gundam model:

Shot and edited by Norman Chan

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Monster Puppet Kit!

Adam cuts, sews, and breathes life into this adorable hand and rod puppet using a kit from the team at  Monkey Boys Productions . This beginner kit includes the fur, fleece, and felt needed to fabricate a colorful monster puppet, with easy-to-follow instructions and plenty of room for customization!

Find this awesome puppet kit at Monkey Boys Productions: and check out their YouTube channel at

Shot by Adam Savage