How To Make a Fake Frosty Beer Bottle!

In this behind-the-scenes production video, Joey shows us how he prepped a beer bottle to look perfectly frosty and icy cold for his spec commercial shoot. Using off the shelf products like surf wax, glycerin, and salt, you can make any glass bottle look like it was just pulled out of an ice chest and stay that way for the duration of a photo or video shoot!

Goo Gone adhesive remover:
Sticky bump surf wax:
Encapso K silicone display rubber:
Atmosphere fog spray:

Shot and edited by Joey Fameli

Robo Meet and Greet – This is Only a Test 597 – 4/29/21

It’s taken us a year, but we’re finally back on the podcast set (at least virtually) this week to talk about Imagineering’s Project Kiwi robot prototype, the filmic look of the Academy Awards, and our impressions of Oculus’s Air Link feature for the Quest 2 headset. Plus, our final thoughts on The Falcon and the Winter Solider as we brace for the Loki series!

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Mandalorian Amban Blaster Replica!

Adam embarks on his first full prop replica project using his shop’s new Form 3L 3D printer: a replica of the Amban “tuning fork” blaster as seen in The Mandalorian! It’s an extensive build that’s also mixed-material, combining 3D printed resin parts with carved wood and machined components as well, giving it a veracity not only in form but also weight and feel–as if it lives in the Star Wars universe. It’s an essential prop for Adam’s Mandalorian cosplay, and stay tuned for the paint application in the next build!

Disclosure: This 3D printer was provided by the manufacturer for purposes of review. Learn more about Formlabs SLA printers here:
Blaster Digital STL:
Behr Gloss Black Paint and Primer:

Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Gunther Kirsch

Inside Adam Savage’s Cave: The Return of Moly Dee!

After his previous video expressing his affection for the copywriting on a vintage bottle of Moly Dee tapping fluid, Adam opens up this viewer mailbag to find a bottle of Molybdenite, the mineral that is the secret sauce behind Moly Dee itself! It’s exactly the kind of novel gift that Adam loves and will find its home in the oils cabinet under Adam’s workbench.

How the Mythbusters Flatus Containment Device Works!

Adam shares one of his favorite builds that he made for a Mythbusters episode: the Flatus Containment Device used to capture farts. This device has just returned to him after being on tour with the Explosive Exhibition, and Adam walks us through how it works, the origin of its name, and how it was used on the show!

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Car Engine Model Kit!

While in a midst of a multi-week prop replica build, Adam takes a break from the long-term project to take on a more relaxing assembly: this intricate 4-cylinder car engine model kit. Made of diecast metal parts, this animated model is an elegant visual representation of how a four stroke engine works, and a nice project to get done in a single day!

Adventures in 3D-Printing: Lord of the Print

As part of our ongoing adventures in 3D printing, we’re putting a spotlight on artists who design specifically for hobby printing in mind. We’re starting off with the prolific Lord of the Print, whose Patreon release includes beautiful dragons and characters that are awesome at tabletop size or scaled much larger. Norm walks through his process to prep a godzilla model for printing, and tests a new wash and cure machine that can fit a kaiju-sized print!

TV Remote Hype – This is Only a Test 596 – 4/22/21

In this week’s duocast, Kishore and Norm go over the announcements from Apple’s packed Spring Loaded event, debate the usefulness of tile-trackers, and get hyped for Ted Lasson season 2. Plus, a spoiler-discussion of the fifth episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, the Shang-Chi teaser trailer, and a quick VR minute!

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: LEGO Blade Runner Spinner Model!

Adam heads over to the Tested studio to find enough space for a 2000-piece custom LEGO build of the Spinner car from Blade Runner! This model comes courtesy of BrickVault, who put together detailed instructions and parts lists for massive MOCs inspired by our favorite movies, games, and fandoms. Follow along as Adam puts this kit together and shows off the clever ways that fan designers have replicated this iconic vehicle.

Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Gunther Kirsch

Adam Savage’s Favorite Tools: Plastic Forming Strip Heater!

Today’s tool tip is all about using heat in different ways to form sheet material, whether it’s with a blow dryer, dedicated heat gun, or a specialized tool like a plastic forming strip heater. As employed in his recent build of his Iron Man Mark 1 costume, an industrial plastic strip heater can bend sheets of acrylic quickly and evenly, creating convincing parts that double as bent metal. Adam demonstrates how this heater works on one of his favorite materials: foam PVC!

Plastic Forming Strip Heater:
Conair Pro Yellow Bird:
Milwaukee corded heat gun:
Foam PVC sheet: