Adam Savage’s Favorite Tools: Portable Benchtop Parts Washer!

It’s new equipment day at the cave! Adam tests and upgrades a new piece of equipment he picked up based on watching some of his favorite YouTube channels that feature old machine restoration. It’s a benchtop cabinet parts washer that Adam can safely use to cycle degreaser through old hardware and antique parts. And not to be content with the parts washer out of the box, Adam makes several upgrades to improve its versatility and mobility around the workshop!

Torin Portable Steel Cabinet Parts Washer:
Flow-Thru Parts Washer Brush:

Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Norman Chan
Music by Jinglepunks

Adam Savage’s Rare Taylor Pressure Helmet!

Adam shares one of the finer pieces of aeronautics and space memorabilia from his collection: a rare RAF partial pressure helmet, also known as a Taylor helmet. Used by British pilots in the 60s and 70s, this beautiful helmet feautred a claustrophobic pressure bladder within its striking white shell and double visors. And if its design looks familiar, the Taylor helmet likely served as the inspiration for the Nostromo emergency helmets seen in the opening of Alien!

Shot by Adam Savage

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Form 3L Resin 3D Printer Station!

Adam sets up a new machine in the cave: a Formlabs Form 3L that’s his first workshop 3D printer! To get it up and running, he builds a cart for the printer to live on with storage and workspace for processing the resin prints that come out of his large formfactor machine. And after running his first test print, Adam reveals his plans for putting the Form 3L through it paces with a prop and costume project he’s working on this Spring!

Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Norman Chan

4:3 Aspect Ratio – This is Only a Test 591 – 3/18/21

This week, we’re joined by Will to talk about the release and reception to the Justice League Synder Cut, the controversial changes to Cricut cutter’s design upload policy, and the surprise reveal of the PlayStation 5 VR controller. Plus, Intel takes a jab at Macs with a familiar face, and we get a download about the popular game Eco. Thanks to Will for guesting this week! You can listen to Tech Pod at

Tested’s New CNC Machine: Assembling the X-Carve Pro!

We’re back in the Tested studio after a year in lockdown to assemble and set up a new CNC machine for our workshop: Inventables’ new X-Carve Pro CNC. Jen and Norm put together the 2-foot by 4-foot CNC and compare its setup and operation to that of the original X-Carve. The whole build took less than two hours, and we run through Inventables’ Easel software for our first test cut. We’re looking forward to a whole new world of projects with this CNC in our shop toolset! Disclosure: This machine was provided by the manufacturer for purposes of review. Find out more about the X-Carve Pro here:

Shot by Gunther Kirsch and edited by Norman Chan
Music by Jinglepunks

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Shop Dust Collection System!

It’s about time: Adam revamps his shop’s dust collection system by building a network of ducts for his various woodworking stations that feed to a Delta dust collector that lives in the cave’s loft. In the process, Adam demonstrates ways to make shop dust collection more efficient and even builds in a drop-down vacuum hose help make short work of shop clean-ups after future One Day Builds!

Key-type hose clamp:
iVac Pro 4″ blast gate:

Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Gunther Kirsch

Adam Savage’s Favorite Tools: Superglue and Glue Accelerators!

Adam explains his philosophy and processes for using cyanoacrylate–superglue–for modelmaking and small build projects. From the differences between thicknesses of glue to the ways you can speed up its curing with accelerators, Adam demonstrates his favorite ways of using CA glue and mistakes to avoid. Plus, the origin of how superglue came to be used in the special effects modelmaking industry! (The video was made possible by KiwiCo! KiwiCo offers flexible subscription options and pricing starts as low as $16.95/ month. Tested viewers will get 50% off their first month of any crate by going to )

Insta-cure CA glue:
Insta-set accelerator:
Zip kicker spray:
FastCap 2P-10 glue and activator:

Shot by Gunther Kirsch and edited by Norman Chan

Adam Savage’s First Mechanical Hand Build!

Adam brings out one of the oldest pieces in his collection to share in today’s show and tell: his very first mechanical hand sculpture. Made from sheet copper, it was Adam’s first attempt at an animatronics mechanism he made over 20 years ago! This pieces was also instrumental in Adam getting his very first job with Jamie!

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Hellboy Samaritan Replica Finale!

The past year in lockdown has yielded so many new projects for Adam and the Tested team, but the Hellboy Samaritan prop replica is the one that encapsulates all of Adam’s new machining learnings and adventures. That build is finally done, and Adam lays out all its pieces for a final assembly and weathering pass to show off its authentic black oxide finish. The prop exceeded all of Adam’s expectations when he embarked on it, and has sparked new ideas for more replica builds from the Hellboy universe.

Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Gunther Kirsch

Model Behavior: Iron Giant 1/50 Scale Diorama Build!

This week’s modelmaking build is a quick and dirty exercise in assembling a diorama out of almost exclusively off-the-shelf parts. Norm pairs a 12-inch tall Iron Giant collectible with O-scale model railroad scenic decor, which at 1/48 scale is exactly in line with the figure’s height. The combination of small trees, a readymade wood shed, 3d printed deer, and tiny spotlights helps give the Iron Giant a towering presence appropriate to the beloved character!

Iron Giant Mondo Mecha:
Dimmable Mini Spotlight (Pack of 6):
Super 77 Spray glue:
Supermoss green moss:
Crushed nut shells:
CA glue with kicker:

Shot by Gunther Kirsch and edited by Norman Chan
Music by Jinglepunks