Mandalorian Blaster Prop Replica Kit Assembly!

Adam and Norm assemble a beautifully machined replica prop kit inspired by the hero blaster from The Mandalorian. It’s a lovely prop that has all the hallmarks of a blaster from the Star Wars universe, designed with the same sensibilities of the propmakers from the original trilogy. This aluminum kit comes together with a combination of screws and glue, and we add some real weathering to it to make it worthy of our favorite Mando bounty hunter!

Find this Mando blaster replica kit here:
Thin insta-cure CA glue:
Insta-set glue kicker/accelerator:

Shot by Gunther Kirsch and edited by Norman Chan

House of MCU – This is Only a Test 586 – 2/11/21

The gang gets together to recap their favorite bits from this past weekend’s Superb Owl, including the new camera tech used for the broadcast and the best chicken wing recipes. Kishore shares tips for streamlining your streaming services, and Will guests this week to dive into the mind-bending implications of the latest WandaVision episode. Thanks to Will for guesting this week! You can listen to Tech Pod at Kenji’s oven-fried chicken wing recipe: Locast:

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Royal Crown of England!

One of the ways Adam has been getting through lockdown has been binging television shows, including Netflix’s The Crown. And in the midst of his obsession with the show, Adam builds his own replica of the most important piece of The Crown Jewels: St Edward’s Crown used for the coronation of British Monarch. Adam’s replica is based on the stage prop made for the Hamilton musical, and will be the centerpiece for his King George costume!

Shot by Adam Savage and Edited by Joey Fameli

Adam Savage Tests the AIR Active Filtration Helmet!

Adam unboxes and performs a quick test of this novel new helmet designed to provide active air filtration while giving the user a wide field of view with its big plastic dome. It’s evocative of a spacesuit helmet you’re meant to wear around in the world, and Adam checks out how well it works with a walk around the neighborhood. Air filtration helmet:

Shot by Adam Savage

Weta Workshop’s 3D-Printed Giant Eyeballs!

When Adam visited Weta Workshop early last year, he stopped by their 3D printing lab to check out their research and experiments in 3D printing full-color eyeballs for exhibition figures and effects work. Weta Workshop’s Richard Taylor and 3D artist Tor Robinson show Adam examples of anatomically accurate printed eyeballs that push the limits of high tech fabrication!

Read more about Tor’s 3D printed eye projects at Weta Workshop:

Camera: Chris Terpstra and Aline Tran
Sound: Joel Anscombe-Smith
Edit: Norman Chan
Music: Jinglepunks

Mechanical Dragonfly Automata Kit Build and Review

Time for a model kit build! This steampunk-inspired mechanical dragonfly is something we’ve seen advertised on social media, and Norm assembles it to show you how the kit comes together, its motorized kinetic movement, and what hiccups he encountered along the way. It’s an aesthetically beautiful piece that has a lot of presence, but the operation and fluidity of its movement leaves a bit to be desired.

Kinetic dragonfly model:
Moyu mechanical models:
Disclosure: This kit was provided by the manufacturer for purposes of review.

Shot and edited by Norman Chan
Music by Jinglepunks

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Wire Storage Solution!

Adam tackles a shop shelf build that he’s been putting off for a long time–finally reorganizing his loose wire storage that sits above his Sortimo hardware boxes. It’s a chance for him to implement his philosophy for a storage system that houses and dispenses rolls of wire–that doesn’t mount the spools along a dowel. As you’ll see, it’s a solution that’s as elegant as it is satisfying!

Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Norman Chan

Tesla Goes Full K.I.T.T. – This is Only a Test 585 – 2/4/21

WandaVision starts to get really interesting as we break down the latest MCU developments in the Disney+ show this week, along with discussion about Google’s step back from Stadia games, multiple Mars landings this month, and Tesla’s wild new car design decisions.

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Custom End Tables!

Adam reveals his surprise Christmas present for his wife–a set of custom-designed and built bedroom end tables! These cedar tables aren’t just a woodworking exercise; they encapsulate all the aesthetic and functional design that Adam has wanted to put into this kind of furniture, including built-in lighting and power outlets. It’s a multi-day journey to make the pair of tables in time for Christmas!

Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Gunther Kirsch

Adam Savage’s Favorite Tools: Haimer 3D Edge Finder!

Adam recently purchased a new tool for his milling machine that has radically improved his workflow efficiency: a Haimer mini edge finder. To explain how this gauge works and why it’s necessary for milling operations, Adam dives into a thorough explanation of the ways of measuring and calibrating tools from table saw to mill, how a device like the edge finder can speed up repeated operations that are prone to error.

Haimer Mini 3D Sensor:
Dial Indicator:

Shot by Adam Savage