Adam Savage’s Miniature Model from Star Wars: Episode 2!

Adam shares a piece of miniatures modelmaking from his work on Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones! This computer terminal was Adam’s original model that was reproduced as set dressing for a miniatures set, and made use of kit-bashing, laser cutting, and even practical lighting effects! Adam explains how it also features a classic effects trick that assisted in the post-production compositing process.

Shot by Adam Savage

Ask Adam Savage: Were Any Myths Deemed Too Simple to Test on MythBusters?

Tested member Morgan Crisp asks Adam, “Are there any MythBusters myths that countered laws of physics that were dismissed for being too simple? Or myths too simple for testing?” Thank you, Morgan, for your question and support (and sorry, everyone, for the ambient noise)! Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks, like asking Adam a question.

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Custom Painting Shop Tools!

Today’s super quick build is an exercise in tool organization, but for Adam a new way about thinking about organization as well. As opposed to placing tools and materials in a place for ease of storage and access, Adam talks about rearranging a tool’s appearance to streamline its use. Taking his mill’s tightening wrench as the example, Adam cleans, masks, paints, and labels it in a way to mitigate visual ambiguity and optimize its place in his mental workflow.

Rust-Oleum Red Enamel Spray Paint:
Whiteout Pen:
Taylor Tries YouTube channel:

Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Norman Chan

Favorite Worldbuilding Coffee Table Books

Here are four brilliant coffee table books Norm received and picked up over the holiday break that share a common theme: worldbuilding. From the fan-favorite characters of Star Wars: The Mandalorian to the concept art that fueled the space race, these compilations of illustrations, technical drawings, and paintings explore worlds both fantastical and right at our grasp.

Scott Listfield’s Astronaut:
The Art of NASA:
The Art of Star Wars: The Mandalorian:
Anime Architecture:
Chesley Bonestall documentary:

Shot and edited by Norman Chan

2021’s Return Window – This is Only a Test 581 – 1/07/21

Happy new year! The gang meets up to recap their holiday breaks, gifts we gave and received, and Jeremy’s new gig in game development! We also review Pixar’s Soul and Wonder Woman 1984, and get hyped for a year of MCU shows. Plus, our hopes for the virtual CES event happening next week! Thanks to LessReverb for creating this week’s intro theme music, and ‘GreatJob!’ for our outro piece today!

Writing Science Books with Mary Roach – The Adam Savage Project – 1/6/21

We welcome science book author Mary Roach back to the show to catch up and talk about how the past year has affected her research and book writing. While she’s not yet able to talk about her next book, we discuss a wide range of topics including our lockdown show obsessions, book reviews, and the love a good book index.

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: New Lathe Chuck!

Adam is super excited to install a new lathe chuck he bought to upgrade his shop’s machine lathe–it’s an adjustable six-jaw reversible chuck, which is a big step up from the chuck he had previously installed. Adam completely disassembles the piece to clean all of its parts and shows us how the self-centering jaws work, before greasing it up and installing the chuck for a test run!

Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Gunther Kirsch

Tested: Our Favorite Smart Home Wi-Fi Plug

For this favorite things follow-up, Norm recommends a smart home plug that turns any appliance into a wi-fi connected device you can remotely power on and off, as well as automate. These small Wyze plugs were extremely convenient during the holidays for scheduling Christmas lights, and integrate with both Alexa and Google Assistant. Norm now has them set up for all of his office shelving and figure display lights!

Wyze Plug (2 pack):
Wyze Plug Outdoor:

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Shot and edited by Norman Chan

Hands-On: Looking Glass Portrait Holographic Display

We go hands-on with a prototype of the Looking Glass Portrait, a self-contained holographic display that can show volumetric photos, video, and cg models without the use of 3D glasses. It’s the latest invention from Looking Glass Factory, and we chat with the company’s co-founder Shawn Frayne about how the display technology works and the process of turning portrait-mode photos into 3D images like what we’ve seen in science fiction films. Thanks to Looking Glass for loaning us this unit to test!

Looking Glass Portrait:

Shot and edited by Norman Chan