Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Electronics Tool Cart!

It’s finally time for Adam to rebuild his workshop’s electronics tool cart–a project he’s put off all year. But starting with his soldering station he built earlier this year, Adam reassembles the cart to carry only the essential electronics gear and materials he knows he’ll use most in his projects. It’s tool reorganization as both therapy and a step toward efficiency–and highly satisfying on both counts!

Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Joey Fameli

Adam Savage’s Favorite Tools: McMaster-Carr Catalog!

For Adam’s final tool tip of the year, he reads from an iconic yellow book: the mighty McMaster-Carr catalog. Not only is it an essential reference guide to the over half million products sold by McMaster-Carr, but its detailed descriptions unlock the utility for all manner of esoteric tools and hardware supplies. The printed catalog isn’t easy to get ahold of, but thankfully the entire catalog is also online and in McMaster-Carr’s mobile app!

McMaster-Carr’s online catalog:
McMaster-Carr’s mobile app catalog:

Shot by Adam Savage

The Mandalorian Season 2 Finale SPOILERCAST – The Adam Savage Project – 12/29/20

It’s our final episode of the year! Adam, Joey, and Norm recap and review the last two episodes of The Mandalorian’s second season in spoiler-filled detail. We share our favorite moments and surprises that caught us off guard, and how we thought the writers and directors handled fan-favorite characters. What are your hopes for this show and the slate of Star Wars shows going forward?

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Iron Man Mark I Helmet!

Continuing his work on his Iron Man Mark I armor costume, Adam turns his focus to the helmet. The helmet that came with the costume is painted resin, but needs a new paint metallic paint job for better screen accuracy. It’s a multi-stage application to give it a brilliant chrome finish which is then taken down with some oil paint weathering. Adam also builds out the inside of the helmet to line it with leather and make it not only wearable, but also functional with a flip-up face visor!

Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Joey Fameli

Mando and Tenet – This is Only a Test 580 – 12/24/20

It’s our final episode of the year! We zoom up one last time to send off 2020 with an episode dedicated to discussing the second season finale of The Mandalorian, the future of Star Wars on television, and a spoiler-filled breakdown of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. Thanks for joining us for an uncertain and unconventional year, and stay safe during the holidays! Thanks to Dan for creating this week’s intro theme music, and ‘GreatJob!’ for our outro piece today!

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Modifying Spot’s Robot Form!

Adam’s back with more projects with Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot! In this One Day Build, Adam explores changes to Spot’s physical form by building a variety of cardboard mounts and attachments to morph its silhouette and change how we perceive the robot’s personality. From extended neck attachements to toddler shoes worn over its rubber feet, Adam tests how little shifts in appearance dramatically change Spot’s character!

Shot and edited by Gunther Kirsch

Shop Organization with Laura Kampf – The Adam Savage Project – 12/22/20

We’re joined by one of our favorite people in the world this week–maker and YouTuber Laura Kampf! We catch up with Laura about her recent projects, moving workshops, hardware organization, and what it’s like to work in shop on the countryside. Plus, the things that inspire her builds and and build aesthetic, and what making during the lockdown this year has taught her about her own processes. Thanks to Laura for joining us this week–subscribe to her channel here:

Adam Savage’s Favorite Tools: Hot Wire Cutter!

After making extensive use of this wire cutter in his most recent One Day Build, Adam dives deeper into how to use his favorite Proxxon hot wire cutter for shaping foam. It’s a powerful tool for quickly carving foam sheets both thick and thin, and an essential piece for kit for modelmakers and other foamsmiths.

Proxxon Hot Wire Cutter:

What’s Inside Adam Savage’s Hip Pack!

You may have seen Adam wearing a hip pack (or fanny pack) in recent build videos, and Adam shares why he carries it and exactly what’s contained within. It’s a custom pack made by Tom Sachs (based off of a Zpacks utility pack) and holds some of the things Adam would normally carry in his jacket. From fountain pens to a small work light, it’s an extra bit of everyday carry for the shop!

Zpacks pack:
Belkin car vent phone mount:
Lamy fountain pen:
Nebo flashlight: