Adam Savage Cosplays the Outbreak Hazmat Suit!

Adam is giddy with joy to try on this fantastic replica of the hazmat suit from Outbreak, made by suit fabricator Ryan Nagata! It’s also appropriate as it’s one of the first videos we’re filming with a crew in the cave, and Ryan has designed the suit to actually provide some level of air circulation and filtration. Follow Ryan on Instagram for more of his incredible builds!

Adam Savage Finishes Sorting His LEGO Collection!

Adam completes an organizational journey that began at the beginning of this lockdown: sorting and storing his modest LEGO collection! Using this favorite ArtBin storage boxes, Adam finally has cleared off the cave’s pool table of his foamcore LEGO boxes. What a rewarding exercise in shop organization!

Snap Ships Modular Spaceship Building Kits!

We unbox and review the new Snap Ships modular building sets that we first saw at Maker Faire two years ago! It’s amazing to see this idea of a spaceship building system go from 3d-printed prototypes to polished product, and retain the fun and versatility of the original design. We show how the build system works as we assemble the largest of the kits.

How To Make Custom 1/6 Scale Fluorescent Tube Lightsabers!

We upgrade our favorite Star Wars sixth-scale figures with custom light-up lightsabers using off the shelf CCFL fluorescent tubes. Follow along as we show you the step-by-step process to modifying a CCFL tube and sixth-scale lightsaber hilt to turn a typical Hot Toys or Sideshow Collectibles figure into a brilliant light-up scene. It really transforms the look of a figure!

Episode 564 – Enter the Fandome – 8/27/20

We break down all the announcments from DC’s Fandome event from this past weekend, including the reveal of the new Batman! Plus, Netflix’s comforting gaming documentary, the latest in Epic vs. Apple, and the big change for Oculus’ annual developer conference. Thanks to Rick in Vermont for making this week’s intro music!

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Custom Workshop Apron!

Adam makes his ideal workshop apron from scratch in today’s build, after having recently discovered the joys of working with a shop apron in the cave. Made of leather and waxed canvas, this apron addresses all of Adam’s tool carrying needs with streamlined pocket arrangements, durable straps, and is fitted for his own body. Follow along to learn how you can pattern and sew your own apron, and we’d love to see how you carry your tools while working in your own shops!

Creature Puppets from Aliens, Flubber, Labyrinth, and Men in Black!

Before the era of computer generated characters, aliens, robots, and other on-screen creatures were often practical puppets, playing against live actors via animatronics, motion controlled, or wire-pulled puppetry. We check out a few of those surviving puppets from a wide range of films, from the fully robotic Weebo from Flubber to the magnificent Alien queen from Aliens!

Adam Savage’s Miniature Model from A.I. Artificial Intelligence!

Adam shares one of his contributions to the practical filming models for Steven Spielberg’s A.I. film, made while working in the ILM model shop. This tiny office set was used for one of the motion-controlled flight scenes toward the end of the film, when the characters are flying through the post-apocalyptic New York ruins. Adam talks about the making of these pieces, including one part he’s particularly proud of!

Scale Model Miniatures from Star Wars, Alien, and Star Trek!

The pinnacle of modelmaking for film is on display at Prop Store as we check out miniatures used for the making of Star Wars, Star Trek, Back to the Future, and Alien. These models, created at all different scales, show the kitbashing, scratch building, and fine detailing techniques used by teams of talented modelmakers from studios like ILM’s modelshop. And the flagship piece from the Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction is the full Nostromo ship from Alien, an incredible prop that’s more of a bigature than miniature.

Original Costumes for Rocketeer, Pacific Rim, and V for Vendetta!

We love seeing original costumes used for the making of our favorite films get taken out of storage and put on mannequins for display. So we couldn’t miss the opportunity to see costumes from films like Judge Dredd, V for Vendetta, and Pacific Rim at Prop Store in anticipation of their upcoming Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction. Take a look at these costume and helmet details that show how costume design and fabrication have changed over the decades.