How To Draw and Annotate on Live Videos in Real-Time

If you have a webcam, a computer, and a tablet like an iPad, here’s how to add drawings and annotations to your videos, composited seamlessly in real-time for recording or streaming! We walk you through the process of setting up OBS Studio and iPad capture software to put your illustrations and notes on-screen–all with free software!

Edelkrone jibONE Camera Motion Control Review

We test and review Edelkrone’s jibONE and headPLUS motion control system that’s designed for portability and ease of single-operator use. Tested Producer Joey breaks down what kind of dynamic camera shots you can get with this motorized jib and multi-axis head, the process to program in movements, and practical considerations for using it in studio and on location.

Episode 560 – Mars Rover Has a Friend – 7/30/20

We’re going reverse order this week, but kick things off with anticipation for the impending launch of the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover slated for early Thursday, and its kit of high-tech gear being sent offworld. We discuss the Oculus headset photo leak, our hopes for Tales from Galaxy’s Edge, the Xbox games showcase, and major takeaways from last week’s Comic-Con at home. Thanks to Maskil for making our awesome heavy metal theme this week!

Inside Adam Savage’s Cave: Pet Dragon Puppet!

Adam shows off his new pet dragon puppet, made by practical effects and make-up artist Katherine Winslade. It’s a beautifully sculpted and painted puppet that is bursting with personality–crafted to perfectly fit Adam’s puppeteering. Bravo to Kat for designing and making this wonderful workshop companion–which doesn’t have a name yet!

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Spacesuit Display Stand!

This weekend build is a speedy one: Adam recently saw the need to improve the display stands for his spacesuits in the workshop, so they both look better displayed as well as are easier to work on while standing up. It’s a build that’ll require modifying a foam mannequin with a welded stand, and makes use of an effective self-leveling laser tool!

Sideshow Collectible’s New Quarter-Scale Superhero Statues

While at Sideshow Collectible’s headquarters for their SideshowCon event, we check out the new premium format quarter-scale statues unveiled for 2020, including a striking Superman, enchanting Dr. Strange, and stoic Silver Surfer. These statues showcase the latest improvements to Sideshow’s sculpting, use of mixed media, and paint finishes.

3D-Printing King Atlan’s Artifact Prop from Aquaman!

Darrell’s latest prop replica project allows him to combine 3d printing clear resin with LED illumination and some intricate paint masking. He models and prints the King Atlan message recorder artifact as seen in Aquaman, and then applies a series of paint applications to give it an ancient and otherworldly finish. We check in with Darrell to talk through the challenges of the build and how he approached each step of the process!