PROJECTIONS: Nreal Light Augmented Reality Glasses Developer Kit!

We spend a week with the new Nreal Light developer kit to get a sense of how this lightweight pair of augmented reality glasses works in the real world. While we’ve yet to see the final consumer version’s software, the optics, image quality, and ergonomics of the developer kit give us optimism for the type of content we’re hoping to see shine in this generation of mixed reality hardware.

Episode 553 – Six Hour Director’s Cut – 5/28/20

We’re back to the standard segment order in this week’s episode, where we talk about the SpaceX crewed Dragon launch (recorded before the mission was rescheduled), HBO Max’s launch and plans for Zack Snyder’s Justice League cut, and HP’s new VR headset unveiled at the Augmented World Expo! Plus, in our new interview segment Living with Covid, Kishore interviews Ian Haydon, a volunteer who took part in the recent clinical trial of Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine candidate.

Tested From Home: Jeremy’s PinSim Mini Virtual Pinball Controller!

Jeremy checks in from home to show what projects he’s been working on during lockdown, including repairing an RC car, large LEGO build, and upgrading the code on his Game Frame LED display. We also dive into Jeremy’s Pinball obsession, with a quick look at his Pinball machine collection, wall-mounted playfield, and laser-cut PinSim virtual pinball controller design that you can make at home! Two of these controllers are up for auction with all the proceeds going to charity!

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Mini Tabletop Bandsaw!

Adam makes a modification to a corded portable bandsaw to make something he’s always wanted in his shop: a tabletop mini bandsaw! To make this mini bandsaw stand, Adam machines an aluminum plate to mount on a custom wood frame that will house the portaband, as well as a satisfying power switch and perfectly-fitted brass insert. Follow along the project from its cardboard prototype to gratifying completion!

Adam Savage’s Favorite Tools: Glass-Cutting Rotary Bit

This tool tip was learned the hard way by Adam on a job he did (with Jamie!) many years ago that required precision carving around a glass bottle. Back then, the job took hours and hours with careful and stressful application of a circle cutter. And it was only afterward that Adam learned about the efficiency and precision of a hardened steel glass cutting bit for his Dremel rotary tool. Let’s watch a demonstration of this tool that shows why Adam always has a few on hand in his shop!

OK To Go – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 5/26/20

This week, we talk about benchtops for workbenches, Adam’s latest shop infrastructure builds, the upcoming SpaceX Dragon crewed launch to the International Space Station, and our love for Galaxy Quest! Plus, more insights from the Mandalorian making-of series and what else we’ve been watching!

The Story of Adam Savage’s Contradictory Wall Sign!

Adam explains the origins of a peculiar sign that many of you have noticed hanging in the cave. The story of this sign goes back to the mid-80s and Adam’s adventures in lockpicking and exploration of abandoned spaces in his youth. It’s lived in every space Adam has worked since then, and brings a smile to Adam’s face every time he sees it. Now you know the whole story!

LEGO BrickHeadz Anatomy Custom Figure!

We wrap up this week with a custom LEGO build from a viewer mailbag, a show and tell of a vinyl collectible, and a test of a smartphone boom arm mount for filming small builds at home. This custom BrickHeadz was designed by Jonathan Klamm, as a tribute to artist Jason Freeny’s anatomical sculptures. A fun and simple build you can find the pieces to put together yourself! Have a happy and safe Memorial Day, everyone!