Episode 547 – Surprise iPhone Announcement – 4/16/20

We discuss Apple’s new iPhone SE release, the technology behind Apple and Google’s contact tracing framework, Bob Iger returning to run Disney, and two new Disney+ shows that make us felt seen. Plus, incredible fan recreations of Disneyland, a remastered video from over 100 years ago, and the science of how the Covid19 virus works. Send us questions to answer in future episodes on our Discord!

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: How To Build a Box!

One of Adam’s favorite things to build are boxes to store and celebrate the objects and artifacts he collects in his workshop. Today, he walks you through how to build a simple box of your own in his distinctive style, in this case to house a pair of Apollo spacesuit glove replicas. Follow along and show us the boxes you make during in your own workshops!

Adam Savage Examines an Embalming Toolkit!

As a collector of esoteric tools, Adam is delighted to receive a genuine embalming kit and guidebook from a viewer mailbag! Adam goes through the various instruments in this kit, speculates their specific uses, and gasps at the procedures shown in the manual. The toolkit is a unique and welcome addition to the collection in the cave!

Good Days and Bad Days – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 4/14/20

This week, we talk about the need to take care of ourselves and how we each are dealing with the good and not-so-good days during this lockdown. Adam revisits the work of Elmore Leonard adapted for the big screen, Will finds comfort in binge-worthy television, and Norm recommends two offbeat comedies to stream. What should the guys watch for a Spoilercast next week?

Designing a Book Nook Laser-Cut Kit!

Jen shares her latest project: a laser-cut book nook template and kit that allows you to build a miniature diorama to live on your bookshelf. We’re inspired by the creativity we’ve seen in book nook designs, and this template allows you to laser cut and assemble your own, with room for lighting and other electronics. Jen walks us through her many prototypes and the design considerations that got her to this lovely kit! Find Jen’s designs and kits here!

Show and Tell: Guru del Toro Collectible Figure!

Behold the Guru del Toro! Adam unboxes a gift from illustrator and pop-art curator Chogrin, who teamed up with Sideshow Collectibles to design this joyous tribute to Guillermo del Toro. Adam examines this vinyl figure and its references to Guillermo’s filmography–a delightful representation of the director and a worthy addition to the toy collection in the cave!

Adam Savage’s Favorite Tools: Making Circles and Holes!

Making circles. Every maker has to make circles or holes, and Adam highly recommends that every maker have a compass set they can use to draw cricles of various sizes. But in addition to that trusty tool, there are also templates and adjustable ring rulers that can help draw curves. And one of Adam’s recent favorite tools are cookie cutters for marking and cutting circles out of soft materials. This set of cookie cutters are a terrific and cheap option to have at your disposal. Great for epoxy putty, bake-able clay, and super sculpey, as well as simply drawing templates!

Tested From Home: Foam and 3D-Printing Projects!

Bill from Punished Props Academy checks in with suggestions for foam and 3D printing projects to work on while we’re sheltering-in-place at home. These range from easy-to-make hand props to elaborate prop replicas from some of our favorite movies and video games. And best of all, Bill has made the blueprints and files for these free to download on the Punished Props site!

Episode 546 – Experience BIJ – 4/9/20

We take a detour to the 24th century this episode as the gang suits up to play a game of Star Trek: The Next Generation VHS tabletop game! But first, we discuss the launch of Quibi, shifts in the MCU release timeline, the new PlayStation controller, and Google Stadia going free. Stick around for the second half of the show when we try to take back the Enterprise from the Klingon Kavok!