Behind the Scenes: Using a Vintage Color Meter!

Tested Producer Joey shares his experience using a vintage 1985 Minolta color meter as part of his everyday production kit, and how a color meter helps prevent color bleed or color crossover in filming. Joey talks about his workflow for measuring color in different parts of a location or when designing his garage studio, and how well this 35-year-old piece of hardware holds up!

Adam Savage’s Live Builds: LEGO Blade Runner Spinner!

While sheltering-in-place, Adam is livestreaming every week to work on builds and take questions from the Tested community! This week, he assembles a custom LEGO set from Ichiban Toys ( ): a Blade Runner Spinner! (This was recorded from a livestream on 4/21/20.)

Tested From Home: Kayte Sabicer’s Projects!

Our resident modelmaker and fabricator Kayte Sabicer checks in from home to update us on the projects that’s been keeping her busy the past month, including painting a watercolor postcard every day, making small laser-cut goodies, repurposing cardboard, and working on repairs. There’s no project too small to keep your hands busy and creativity at work! What projects have you been working on lately?

Episode 548 – Rise of Virtual Conventions – 4/23/20

This week, we discuss the change in direction for Magic Leap, Comic-Con’s cancellation, the rise of virtual conferences, and the impending HBO Max launch. Kishore talks about the implications of antibody testing, and we lament the shuttering of an electric skateboard company. Plus, speculation on the future of tracked controllers in the VR minute!

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Lathe Infrastructure Upgrades!

Just because Adam is under lockdown, doesn’t mean he’s stopped building! In fact, quite the contrary: Adam is busier than ever working on new builds and shop improvement projects. This is the first in a series of One Day Builds that Adam has filmed himself from the cave, upgrading the infrastructure around his lathe by organizing his many chucks and live centers. It’s a fun woodworking project that takes his mobile camera rig all around the workshop–hope you enjoy it!

Adam Savage’s Favorite Tools: Precision Rotary Tool!

There are many rotary tools in the world, but Adam’s latest favorite is one he learned about while visiting Weta Workshop. This Proxxon precision rotary tool is lightweight, powerful, and has fine speed control for modelmaking work. Adam also likes the keyless chuck that can hold the smallest of bits. You can expect to see this appearing in future One Day Builds!

Criterion Collecting – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 4/21/20

We’re giving one more week before returning to Spoilercast movie discussions, but can announce that the first movie we’ll be watching is the 1976 gangster film Mikey and Nicky. In previewing the film (spoiler-free), we detour into the deep well of movies streaming on the Criterion Channel. We also talk about great films about San Francisco, what we keep on our bookshelves, and the struggle to stay productive at home.

Inside Adam Savage’s Cave: 3D-Printed Mechanical Claws

Adam delights in the testing of his new extended finger gloves, a 3D-printed mechanical design by Gary Fay Creations. This articulated design gives Adam a wide range of hyperrealistic movement in his elongated fingers, which is both creepy and mesmerizing! The fit is fantastic, and Adam can’t wait to incorporate them into a future cosplay!

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: LEGO International Space Station!

Adam assembles the newest LEGO Ideas set: a spectacular model of the International Space Station! Follow along as Adam knolls, sorts, and pieces together the many recognizable modules and accessories (including the CanadaArm2 and mini Shuttle) of the ISS model, and shares some of his favorite custom minifigs from his personal collection as well! What kits have you been building lately?

Adam Savage Answers Your Questions! (4/14/20, Part 1)

While sheltering-in-place, Adam is livestreaming every week to work on builds and take questions from the Tested community! This week, Adam shows off some of his sorting strategies for assembling model kits, shares some of his favorite maker channels, updates us on his hand injury, and talks about how he balances working on projects and his home life. (This was recorded from a livestream on 4/14/20. Join the Tested Discord server to ask questions next time!)