Configuring a Gaming Laptop for VR and Content Creation

With a shelter-in-place policy in effect in California, the Tested team is working from home sharing their current projects. Norm checks in with his recent testing and research into gaming laptops powerful enough for VR headsets and video editing, using HP’s Omen 15 as an example of a system that uses Intel’s Coffee Lake H processor and Nvidia’s mobile RTX graphics card.

Adam Savage’s Favorite Tools: Safety Visor

Safety glasses are an essential part of every workshop, and Adam takes issue with the design of those that don’t fit well over his glasses. Enter this full-face visor, which Adam was inspired to seek out after seeing them used as a piece of costuming on the TV show Westworld! These sci-fi looking goggles have a great fit and wide near-field visibility–they’re by far Adam’s favorite safety glasses!

Episode 543 – Bonsai Mario – 3/19/20

Our podcasting adventures continue even as we work from homes, as Will guests to discuss the newly announced XBox Series X and PlayStation 5 technical specs, Call of Duty Warzone, Apple’s new iPad, and the surprise hybrid of LEGO and Super Mario. Plus, Kishore answers listener questions about Covid19, and we gear up for the release of Half-Life: Alyx in under a week!

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Thermal Detonator Kit!

Adam makes use of his new soldering station setup in this assembly of a beautiful Star Wars Thermal Detonator replica prop kit from KR Sabers/One Replicas. Not only is it a beautiful chrome metal kit, but it’s designed to work with an intricate electronics system for lights and sound effects! Adam has a blast putting it together and problem-solving through the process!

A New Normal – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 3/17/20

We’re podcasting remotely this week, and for the foreseeable future as the team adheres to social distancing recommendations in the wake of the Covid19 outbreak. Adam, Norm, and Will check in to talk about how they’re dealing with the isolation and what they’re watching in the meantime. We discuss the film 1917, some more West Wing, and some interesting facts about toilet paper.

Adam Savage’s Dream Diary Sculpture

Adam shares the story of one of his favorite sculptures from his past: The Somnambulist’s Travel Kit. It contains an artificially aged book that Adam used to chronicle his dreams for months, along with other artifacts that would live alongside that tome. And as Adam explains, it took an accidental discovery for this sculpture to reach its potential as a piece of art.

Hands-on with The Room VR: A Dark Matter

We play through the first two levels of the upcoming VR puzzle game The Room: A Dark Matter. Based on the popular series of mobile puzzle games, this atmospheric take on virtual reality escape room is full of intricately-designed puzzles and a-ha moments. Here’s a spoiler-free look at how it plays and why we’re excited for its release!

Making the Custom Microphones for Hamilton!

We continue our tour backstage at the San Francisco touring production of Hamilton with a visit to the audio room, where assistant audio engineer Adrianna Brannon gives Adam an overview of what it takes to build, maintain, and manage the dozens of microphones used in the show. Adam also gets to check out King George’s crown! Thanks to the team at Hamilton SF for being so welcoming during our visit!

Episode 542 – Choosing Robin’s Fate – 3/12/20

The whole crew is back in office this week as we vulcan salute and discuss the latest events to be cancelled, covid19 as a pandemic, and the importance of flattening the infection curve. Plus, some lighter fare with Batman comics history, a 5-hour single-shot film, and our review of the most recent Picard episode! Spoiler alert goes up at the hour and 45-minute mark!

Adam Savage’s Nailer and Stapler Storage Rack

In this tale from the cave, Adam recaps a recent weekend build he couldn’t resist making: a storage rack for his collection of favorite staplers and nailers. From his trusty T50 staple gun to pneumatic staplers that he’s been favoring lately, these shelves needed to hold nailers of all sizes. And that’s where Adam ran into an unexpected problem. Let’s hear him tell the story!