Adam Savage’s Captain America Stealth Suit!

Adam welcomes costume makers Kevin Gossett and Rob Fitch to the cave for the unveiling of his newest cosplay: Captain America’s stealth suit from The Winter Soldier! Adam, Kevin, and Rob discuss the challenges in replicating the fabric and pattern for this suit, and why it’s one of their favorites from the MCU. Be sure to check out Kevin and Rob’s other amazing costume work!

Episode 340 – The Era of New Bob Begins – 2/27/20

Norm and Kishore complete the duocast trifecta in this big news week! We discuss the surprise announcement of Disney’s new CEO, trends from New York Toy Fair, the next Xbox’s technical specs, Tesla Model Y deliveries, and Facebook acquisition of a major VR game developer. Plus, we dive into Picard episode 5 spoilers and reveals at the end of the show!

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Dinosaur Skull Lamp!

One of Adam’s favorite objects in the cave is his life-size T-Rex skull, which hangs above the shop’s pool table. He’s long wanted to hide a fitted lamp inside that skull, which is today’s One Day Build! This project falls into the category of quick and dirty builds that allows Adam to work fast and cut a few corners to get the results he wants as efficiently as possible!

Adam Savage’s Favorite Tools: Labelmaker

You know those little square black power transformers that come with nearly every new electronic you get? We call them “Wall Warts”. The problem is that they often don’t have written down on them which device it charges. That’s why every single new adapter that comes into Adam’s house gets a small label made for it, describing exactly what electronic thing it belongs to. These label makers can make very small labels (Adam puts his name on all camera equipment in unobtrusive spots) or larger and colorful labels depending on the make and model you want to invest in.

Plumbing Stories – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 2/25/20

Adam and Norm are back from a week in New Zealand, and tease some of the things they saw at filmed at Weta Workshop. We also trade stories from past plumbing misadventures, and talk about Adam’s new role as creative director of SiliCon!

Adam Savage Tours The Expanse’s Practical Effects Shop!

In Toronto, Adam Savage tours Tim Barraball’s shop Acme FX, where many of the practical effects for The Expanse are produced. From electronics to metal-working to pyrotechnics to even RAIN and SNOW, Tim and his team do it all, and Adam is in heaven seeing what tools and materials they use to achieve their amazing special effects!

Adam Savage Examines the Props of Hamilton!

Adam goes back stage on the San Francisco touring production of Hamilton to check out a few of the numerous hand and stage props used for the musical. The show’s prop master gives us an up-close look at some of the iconic objects from the show, from King George’s scepter to Hamilton’s dueling pistols!