Adam Savage’s Reddit Secret Santa Gift for HungryBaconElephant!

This Christmas, reddit user HungryBaconElephant (aka Noah) is getting a VERY special gift from his Secret Santa, Adam Savage: one of the Star-Lord blasters Adam made for his Incognito during 2019’s Silicon Valley Comic Con! Adam will be keeping the second one himself. Enjoy, Noah!

Adam Savage Talks with The Expanse’s Wes Chatham!

What new perspective does Wes have on the series (and his character Amos) as a result of attending comic-con conventions and interacting with fans? What’s new for Amos in season 4? And how about those fight scenes?! See what Wes Chatham has to say to Adam Savage about all of the above — and more. Watch The Expanse seasons 1 through 4 on Amazon Video!

Half-Life: Alyx Hands-On! Tested on 8 VR Headsets

We’ve played some Half-Life: Alyx! Tested spent a day playing Valve’s upcoming full-length VR game across 8 different headsets to evaluate how the game looks and plays on devices ranging from the original HTC Vive to Oculus Quest. We show how the game’s various mechanics work with different motion controllers and explain the trade-offs between different VR systems.

Episode 530 – The Decade in Review – 12/19/19

On our second to last episode of the year (promise!), we examine the past decade and discuss the technologies and products we thought had the most impact in our world. Plus, our last chance to speculate about The Rise of Skywalker before watching it, and watch out for spoilers all around the internet!

Adam Savage Learns Simple Tricks From The Expanse’s Prop Master!

Attention cosplayers! Expanse prop master Jim Murray shows Adam Savage some of the VERY simple ways he and his team create the lighting effects seen on the mag boots, comms and Melba’s bomb. Plus, Drummer’s exoskeleton! Watch The Expanse seasons 1 through 4 on Amazon Video.

Watchmen SPOILERCAST – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 12/17/19

One week before Christmas! We gather to remember the work of Muppeteer Carroll Spinney and the warmth and kindness he brought to Big Bird. It’s also the day after we’ve seen the Watchmen finale, so we dive into the themes of the series and how we reacted to the final episode. Spoiler-free discussion comes first, and then full spoilers within!

Adam Savage Tours SFMOMA’s ‘Far Out’ Exhibit!

Several of Adam’s spacesuit replicas are currently on display at SFMOMA’s Far Out exhibit, as part of a collection of space suit, habitat, and laboratory designs. Adam tours this thought provoking exhibit with curator Joseph Becker, discussing the many ways in which the history of space exploration has always been in dialogue with artists, futurists, and filmmakers.

Concept Art to Art Statues: Pascal Blanché’s Derelict Planet

One notable trend in the world of designer toys and collectibles is the ability for independent concept artists to turn their unique characters into fully-realized statues and figures. We showcase the striking world created by artist Pascal Blanché, whose Derelict Planet universe has been turned into two beautiful statues in collaboration with the new collectibles company House of Gog. They’re unlike any art statues we’ve seen before!