Felicia Neely Shows Adam Savage Her Enfys Nest Costume!

At New York Comic Con, Felicia Neely of Space Lion Cosplay reveals her scratch-built (and partially 3D-printed!) replica of Enfys Nest from Solo: A Star Wars Story. Adam Savage pays special attention to the helmet, which features a futuristic yet also ancient texture!

Episode 523 – The Final Star Wars Trailer – 10/24/19

Duocast this week! Jeremy and Norm discuss the final Star Wars trailer for The Rise of Skywalker, HBO’s Watchmen, Pixel 4 revelations, and mixed reality video recording. Plus, the search for a new case for a PC build, and one of the coolest 3D printers we’ve seen.

Gallery: The Last Knight Exhibit at The MET

Adam Savage Tours the MET’s Last Knight Exhibit!

At the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Curator-in-Charge of the MET Department of Arms and Armor Pierre Terjanian takes an absolutely OUT OF HIS MIND Adam Savage through the museum’s historic and fascinating new exhibit: The Last Knight: The Art, Armor, and Ambition of Maximilian I. If you’re in New York, see it before it closes on Jan. 5!

Apollo 13 – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/22/19

We were unable to record a new Still Untitled this week, so here’s a new episode of Offworld featuring Adam! Ariel and Adam are joined by spacesuit replica maker Ryan Nagata to talk about one of their favorite space movies, Apollo 13. We hear how the 1995 docudrama inspired Ryan to make his own spacesuits, and what the portrayal of the on-screen portrayal of the storied mission got right.

Show and Tell: New Travel Camera Bag

Our recent trip to New York Comic Con gave us a chance to test out a new camera bag for our photography gear. Norm reviews the ThinkTank Airport Essentials, a backpack that we like for its compact formfactor and comfort. Here’s the gear we shot with at NYCC, and how it all fit into this clown car of a camera bag!

PREMIUM – Model Behavior: Rusted Fallout Fusion Flea!

Bill and Norm are back with more Model Behavior projects! This week, we take the beautiful Fusion Flea model from The Wand Company and attempt to weather it to look like the post-apocalytic version seen in Fallout 4 using screenshots as reference. Masking, paint chipping, and application of real rust makes this model look fantastically aged!

Kawaii Mayhem Shows Adam Savage Her Scratch-Built Mysterio Costume!

While Kezia of Kawaii Mayhem has been cosplaying for years, New York Comic Con marks the first time she’s debuted a costume where she built every element from scratch! Adam exclaims over her stunning Mysterio ensemble, which required a wide variety of techniques. Especially impressive is how Kezia EXACTLY matched the color on pieces that were made from totally different materials!

Arcade 1-Up’s 3/4 Scale Gaming Cabinets

We’ve been curious about the gaming cabinets of Arcade 1-Up, which bring classic 80s and 90s-era arcade machines into the home with their 3/4-scale cabinet and table kits. We check in with the team at New York Comic Con to see what new licenses they’ve acquired, how they’re improving their cabinets, and what they think of the Arcade 1-Up modding community.