Cutting it Close – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 9/24/19

This week, we discuss some of our favorite baseball movies and why we love the genre as non-sports fans. Plus, a long discussion about interview techniques and memorable interviews, and a few tales of close calls when it comes to making flights. We cap things off with more love for The Boys!

Adam Savage Learns About Smithsonian Exhibits’ Installation Process!

Door size, load-in route, sloping floors or walls … These are all reasons why Smithsonian Exhibits works on installation before they even START a build. Adam Savage gets the full rundown of the complicated exhibit install process from head of production Chris Emo.

Hands-On with HTC Vive Cosmos VR Headset!

We go hands-on with HTC’s upcoming Vive Cosmos desktop virtual reality headset! This is the replacement for the original HTC Vive, and utilizes inside-out positional tracking instead of Valve’s Lighthouse-based tracking system. We share our impressions on its tracking quality, high-resolution display, and new controllers!

Adam Savage Tours the Graphics Department at Smithsonian Exhibits!

Museum exhibits aren’t just about objects; they’re about text and pictures too. Adam Savage chats with Evan Keeling, graphics specialist at Smithsonian Exhibits, to learn about how he and his team create 2D elements for exhibitions, which includes some pretty amazing technology!

Episode 518 – Our Reboot Fears – 9/19/19

This week, we dive into the recent news of TV show and movie reboots, early iPhone 11 reviews, Donkey Kong record holder drama, and anticipation for the Switch Lite. Plus, a pre-OC6 edition of The VR Minute where we talk about HTC’s Vive Cosmos and going hands-on with Tilt5!