Star Wars Creature Busts and Replicas from Regal Robot

It’s always a delight to catch up with effects artist and prop restoration master Tom Spina and his team at Regal Robot. We take a look at some of Regal Robot’s newest Star Wars pieces unveiled at Comic-Con and chat with Tom about the process of recreating some of Star Wars’ most beloved characters and creatures.

Our Favorite Toy Figures at Comic-Con 2019

We walk through the various toy booths at Comic-Con and point out a few highlights from companies like Bandai, Mezco, Hasbro, Dark Horse, Diamond Select, and NECA. Standouts like a massive Transformer Unicron and Stacraft Battlecruiser left us speechless, and the detail on some of these 1/12th scale figures is stunning. What were some of your favorite collectibles revealed at Comic-Con?

Episode 510 – The Big Comic-Con Recap – 7/25/19

Pop culture news dominates this episode as Norm and Kishore recap their adventures at San Diego Comic-Con. From the best stuff we saw on the floor to impressions of new trailers, here’s what got us most excited from the biggest pop culture event of the year. Plus, we dissect the Picard trailer and go through the MCU Phase 4 announcements!

The Orville’s Costumes, Creatures, and Ship Miniature!

We visit The Orville’s fan experience exhibit at Comic-Con, where the show’s creators have brought costumes, hand props, makeups, and even the filming miniature of The Orville itself from production to put on display. We chat with the show’s executive producer to learn about the unique aesthetic and tone of this fan favorite science fiction show!

Chronicle Collectibles’ Star Trek USS Enterprise 1701-D Replica

One of our favorite starships is the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D from Star Trek: The Next Generation, and we get up close with this new two-foot replica of the filming miniature from Chronicle Collectibles. We learn how this model is constructed, painted, and lit up just the way it was for the show–a worthy replica of Starfleet’s Galaxy Class flagship.

Batman Museum Costumes and Props Tour!

Batman’s storied film history is showcased at the Comic-Con Museum pop-up exhibit during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. We tour the incredible collection of costumes, props, vehicles, and posters that celebrate the Dark Knight’s many depictions on screen. And we’re blown away by how good these costumes look today!

Celebrating Apollo – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 7/23/19

The team is back in San Francisco after spending a week in Washington DC to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, as well as going to San Diego Coimc-Con! Adam recaps his experience participating in the festivities, seeing Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit, and assembling Project Egress! Videos from that trip are coming!

Our Favorite Movie Props at Comic-Con 2019

We visit the Prop Store booth at this year’s Comic-Con to check out some truly iconic props from our favorite films, including the practical effects self-lacing Air Mags from Back to the Future 2 and the Holy Hand Grenade from Month Python and the Holy Grail! We also look at minatures from the Fifth Element, hand props from Star Trek, and a fully functional astromech droid!