Offworld: Wall-E (2008)

This week on Offworld, we revisit the classic Pixar film WALL-E, and chat with roboticists from NASA and Softbank Robotics about the development of robots for use in space. What about the portrayal of space robots in WALL-E did we like, and what would apply to the kind of robots that would work alongside humans in space?

Tested: Nintendo Labo VR Kit Review!

We assemble and test the new Nintendo Labo: VR Kit accessories and games! From the cardboard build ups to the virtual reality experiences, we were extremely impressed by what Nintendo was able to achieve with the Switch’s display and motion-sensing hardware. Here’s how the VR toy-cons work and what it’s like to play them! (Follow Will on Twitch and watch his assembly of these Toy-Cons here.)

Episode 497 – The State of Electric Cars – 4/25/19

We’re joined this week by Robbie Baldwin, who covers cars and electric vehicles for Engadget, to talk about Tesla’s busy week, the state of electric and self-driving cars, and what EV he’d recommend. Plus, we brace ourselves for Endgame and gush about Labo VR!

Ironhead Collectibles’ Striking Character Masks!

Ironhead Studio, the makers of specialty costumes and superhero suits for some of our favorite films, has started a collectibles line of striking character masks. We chat with Ironhead’s Jose Fernandez about the sculpting and paint finish of these masks, the artists he’s working with for this lineup, and how masks can transform the wearer. We can’t wait to paint one up!

On Twitter Too Much – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 4/23/19

We’re joined today by special guest screenwriter Michael Green, who wrote Blade Runner 2049 and produces the show American Gods. We talk about his process for writing 2049, collaborating with Ridley Scott and Hampton Fancher, and why some questions shouldn’t be answered.

PREMIUM – Model Behavior: Miniature Snow Effects!

Continuing with our practice of experimenting with miniature effects we’ve seen online, Kayte and Norm try their hand at building a snow scene with a previously-assembled tank model and rocky terrain display. Watch as we make snow puddles, melted snow, and simulated powder for this winter war scene!