Apollo 11 – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 3/19/19

For this special episode, we’re joined by Todd Miller, the director and editor of the new Apollo 11 documentary film now playing in theaters. Todd shares insights about how archivists discovered and restored previously unseen footage for the Apollo 11 launch, and the painstaking task of matching that footage with NASA audio. We can’t recommend the film enough!

Offworld: The Potential and Problems of Spaceship A.I.

How realistic are pop culture depictions of artificial intelligence on board spaceships? From Star Trek to 2001: A Space Odyssey, we discuss the potential of spaceship A.I. to assist astronauts, along with what research is being done on board the ISS to incorporate digital assistants.

PROJECTIONS: Virtual Reality Pinball Controller + Audica Review

One week out from GDC, we blast to the past to catch up on Jeremy’s Pinsim virtual reality pinball controller project. A lot of changed in the world of VR pinball–there are a ton of tables to play for Pinball fans. Plus, we review Audica, the new rhythm game from Harmonix that’s part Beat Saber, part Space Pirate Trainer.

Tested: Insta360 EVO Convertible VR180 Camera

We test the new Insta360 EVO, a camera that can switch between shooting in 360 video and 180-degree stereoscopic video for virtual reality headsets. Here’s a quick primer on why 180-degree VR video is compelling, and how compact cameras like the Insta360 EVO will let you capture great-looking VR video without complicated post-processing.

Space Archaeology – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 3/12/19

We’re joined today by special guest Sarah Parcak, a space archaeologist who has directed archaeological expeditions around the planet. She’s chats with us about the role of technology in modern day archaeology, her GlobalXplorer project, and what it smells like in a thousands-year-old tomb. Plus, we share some spoiler-free Captain Marvel impressions!

Show and Tell: Laser-Cut Miniature Wargaming Terrain Kits!

We recently discovered the awesome world of custom wargaming terrain, like these laser-cut kits from BlackSiteStudio. We’ve put together a few of them now, including an intricate modular fallout shelter. This kit we’re assembling today is even more impressive, making excellent use of the laser-cut aesthetic for post-apocalyptic architecture!

Past Homes We Remember – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 3/6/19

This week, we discuss the idea of eligibility of digitially distributed films for the Academy Awards, Adam’s search for a new camera, and the weird architecture of homes we used to live in. Plus, Norm finally finishes The Americans and we talk about series finales for our favorite shows!